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  1. Spark plug Pictures from this past weekend. I have some tools arriving this week to do test on various items. Also something I should have done before jumping to the modification pages... the plugs are less then 2 months old. Any more insight is greatly appreciated. Chris
  2. Starting tinkering. Pulled the wires from the plugs and 2&3 have no change when pulled. All other drop idle significantly. Pulled all 1 at a time. Switch wire locations? I am matching up wires from cap. ? I plan to replace the fireball system with something newer and current then maybe the 123 after I figure this out. Thanks again, Chris
  3. I just did a search and found you explaining the 123ignition. Pretty neat system. Looking into that now. I'll look through that thread as well. Thank you sir. Chris
  4. It sure does drop like a rock. And jumps to full redline and then back to idle. It does it at higher rpm. 5k and above them it shuts off. Then I press the clutch in and it goes back to rpm. That first pic is the fuel pumps correct? I believe it is the one off zcardepot. I just bought the one autozone has on their shelf. 53$ What would be a better ignition setup? I'll look through some items. Thank you for your help Chris
  5. Replaced the filter tonight. Drained some gas and the tank looks ro be clean. It does has some particles. Sand like. The old filter was FULL of soot doing its job. I purchased a new fuel pump as well. Plan on changing that if nothing changes with this simple fix. I have never messed with carbs but tonight I dis remove the filter and find some velocity stacks in there. I am going to clean the K&N filters. Would changing the exhaust cause the car to lean out or become to rich and cause this sputter? Some pictures attached. Thank you all again for your help. Chris
  6. Please ignore my Uv system... just found out that is broken as well. Any AC techs with advice there would be great ? Chris
  7. Hello Z family, ***Disclaimer I am completely new to the older Z world. I have an 03, 08 nismo now the papa 240z. *** I purchased the Z feom BaT. Car started and drove perfectly. Under throttle and idle. It had a straight 3" exhaust and I could not take the "noise". I swapped the headers and exhaust for the Zstory system. Header through to the twin muffler. I took the car out for a drive and giving it throttle it starts to cut out around 5k and then shuts down. I restart and the same thing. When I first got the car home I was driving around town 30+ miles. Car shows Breakfast cruising. Loud cruises. But no issues at all. Cars fuel level would be above 1/2 tank at the minimum. Tank level now is at 1/8 full. I am going to assume I have sucked something in the lines but unsure. Take looks clean outside. No rot or major rust. I am going to drain the 1/8 in the tank clean the filter and clean out(change the easy lines the ones I can see). The Z has an electric fuel pump installed. Zstory header and exhaust. Su round tops with k&n filters. Could the su need rejet? Clean out? Am I thinking right with the fuel system? And is there anything I should be looking for or at whole under the car? Thanks everyone in advance for any help that would get me enjoying the Z. Chris 20180708_160609.mp4 20180708_160609.mp4
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