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  1. Hey hello, well im from mexico (there're also Z's in mexico xD) and i found this old 79' i think... 280ZX... well i always wanted a nissan for a kinda daily driver ocacionaly drift (for fun) car i was looking into 240sx s13 or some of the ealry Z series 240,260,280 and make a little swap to an SR20DET or KA24DET cus' those engines are famous in my town... im from aguascalientes so i have the nissan factory just behind my home... and i found some s13 but there are also some 240z and then is this 280zx wich is i think the most purchasable... (1.5k) it has a Line 6 engine... dont realy know wich one... but i want to know if ill go for it and buy it or i might still looking for an s13 cus... i really want to do a swap or have a realy reliable car.. im 22 im in college so i need something to move and have some fun on weekeends... thanks ... ill accept your comentaries and suggestions
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