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    Doorman for 3 cats and one dog

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    HLS30 442393
    Not totally stock, but not sure what the PO did (specifics), but aero kit of some mfgr, headers, larger pipes, suspension upgrades and mods, wheels etc

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    HLS 30 442393

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Have had this 78 280 z for almost 17 yrs now....it was for my son and ran great when I bought it...sat for 12-13 yrs in garage,  then had some work don on it...ran good but would lose power (not die),  so now have decided to try again to get it running properly.   Not much of a mechanic so need help.  It is currently in the hands of a shop.  Back from shop, running, gas tank cleaned and sealed, corrosion of elec conn., clutch work...now to nibble away on getting it refreshed.

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