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  1. adamgto68

    1983 ZX Son's first car

    Any recc's on parts websites or any resources better than others??
  2. adamgto68

    1983 ZX Son's first car

    He is a very lucky kid. Paid with his own cash too. He found it online on a Tuesday and we drove 90 miles on Saturday and bought it. He only passed his road test today!! First up is a set of bushings all around,and getting rid of that cassette deck and radio. Thanks for the positive feedback y'all.
  3. My 17 year old son just purchased a 83 280ZX for his first ride. Auto,air,t-tops and 200k. Car is mostly orig with just a repaint and some mediocre interior work. Runs very good and is a pretty much completely rust and frame damage free. AC has an issue,bushings are worn and that orig radio and speakers has to go. Suspension,exhaust,intake,audio and wheels and tires are his priority. Don't want a rocket ship or canyon carver,just a fun reliable good looking ZX. I'm a traditional musclecar guy but always liked the Z cars more than any other import. Any info/website/supplier/general help much appreciated.
  4. adamgto68

    Datsun 280ZX


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