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  1. Jeff, We have raced this car- Sears Pointless 2013. (first car was a toaster scion xb with toast way to slow) Phil leaned on car and gave us a choice -class A or Class B w 2 lap penalty.. with no bribes.. We took the penalty.. still finished mid pack .. we have 5 drivers and alternate frequently so until we have some marathon drivers we will never be in contention to win.. Jay does have a Z and pretty much tells everybody racing one they don't do well, which is true to date.. Although a 260 Z won the B class.. When you start finishing in the top of the A class I think the cheaty bits get a closer look... we are a long way from getting noticed by being to fast.. We are competitive but not going to run away from the Mazdas and BMW's out there We have zero under-steer and a lot of over-steer. Car is fun to drive drive but looking for some insight on camber and lowering and how to keep the rear end sticking a bit better all within the spirit of lemons racing meaning I can't go buy a bunch of AZ Z stuff.. . want to do one thing at a time to see difference hopefully we can log a few track days before August race.. Mike Lafayette, CA PS this car had the rebuilt motor. 5 speed and springs, sway bars and a lot of rust -talking holes in floor boards .. sat in a field 10 years.. we found the R-180 in a truck junkyard .. so we really are close to the $500, (close enough) car safety equipment doesn't count . frame rails, brakes, etc are safety items..
  2. Greetings, I need some good ideas on setting up the suspension of a 71 for endurance road racing. But first a bit of information The Car current condition 71 Z early L28 block (200 dyno HP) 5 speed stage 1 clutch, clutch masters R-180 4:11 open Unknown lowering springs Tokiko illuminas AZ Dave big vented discs WW 1" MC Prop valve New bearings u joints - new bushings (urethane) bump steer spacers short steering arms F 205/50/16 R 225/50/16 Dierzza ZII ST sway bars F&R Stock camber castor new "big dog" frame rails 6 pt roll cage tied in shock towers with cross bay between shock towers. We ran at Sears point 3 days - 24 hours of track time (less pits) car never pushed but we spun a few times - i know i know driver error .. FYI fastest lap 2.09 fasted lap of all cars 2.04 (ok 1 car had a 2:01 on Monday when there were only 60 cars instead of 160.. point is while we are not the best drivers we are competitive.. We would like to get any old school el cheepo racing fix advice for the following needs. - with the lemons caveat (need it to work and not cost a boat load - ie no coilovers, no AZ Z track pack, etc creative ideas rewarded.. Camber - we need negative camber! so far the only idea we are looking at is slotting the top holes at all 4 corners and moving the front holes up and out in the ft cross-member. Any other thoughts? Caster? we got nothing here, any ideas and what will it get us. Lowering. car came with unknown lowering springs looks like about 1 inch. but needs to be lower, lots of room over the tires and car has bump steer spacers... Best so far is advice from Dave Robello, suggested cutting top hats down an inch, (heat up rubber take it out slot metal re install cut down drops car keeps suspension travel... any other ideas. keep in mind aesthetics are no issue so we could section the shock towers and raise them .. lots of work and not sure our quality of work would keep them absolutely centered in original geometry... Tightening up rear.. negative camber will help -0 camber now.. somebody suggester going to 17 inch rims and bigger wider tires.. thoughts staggered set up no problem, clearance no problem (just cut out any offending metal... _ if so how wide we have a nother l28 block we are building and may get to 225 or so HP.. Any ideas are appreciated PS picture is from Sears Point channeling Bob Bondurant - we were of course Bad Bondorot..