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  1. Anyone going to the Coronado Main St car show Sunday the 28th? I am taking my Toyota there. I would love to park with a Datsun there. Great show with lots of different types of cars. Anyone is invited, but it is $35 (with a t shirt). Look me up if you show up. Scott
  2. Thanks, Motorman7. I am the owner of the 67 Toyota Sports 800 you mentioned. It was great to see the Z's there. The problem is that La Jolla Concours needs a Japanese sports car class so we have an appropriate place to put these deserving cars. This year when I wanted to put the Toyota in there, I noticed there was no place to put it like you mentioned. I called the head judge and he just told me to put it in the microcar class since my engine is small. However the size of my car is larger than the normal "micro". Yesterday I got a call from an organizer for the La Jolla event and was informed that next year there will be a Japanese class and I am going to help to get some cars in there. Your Z should be welcomed next year into the new class. I already have a LHD Toyota 2000GT lined up and a Datsun or 2. It was especially fun driving my little Sports 800 up on the award stage in between 2 giant/gorgeous Packards and Mercedes Benz cars for the Directors Choice Award. I spoke with you last year at the same event and admired you Z. I worked at one of the first Datsun dealers in the US, Rothrock Datsun 1968/9 in PA. I was the new car prep manager at the dealer for 2 years, so I delivered tons of Datsuns, and even delivered the first Datsun Z exactly like yours to its owner at his house. At that time I owned a 1967.5 Datsun 1600 roadster. I have the same problem with finding the right show and class. They stuck my Sunbeam Tiger V8 in a "open class over 4 liters" so I had to compete with a giant Muntz Jet that took first place. Last year at the La Jolla event I took my 67 Austin Mini Cooper S, but they put me in a British sedan place where I would have competed with Jaguars, Aston Martins etc. So I just declined judging. So I hope we see some Japanese cars there next year. I assume you are going to the JCCS event this year?
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