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  1. Datsun 240k c110 skyline, rare and 99% complete | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Adelaide Hills - Aldgate | 1051422397
  2. I thought you where joking about the sunroof as in it had a rust hole but it really does have a sunroof. Wow, what where they thinking?
  3. Valuing these cars is near impossible. Not many good ones come up for sale and when they do you never really know what they sell for. All I can say is that it is less than 50k.
  4. Yeah both of the red rings are lit by dual filament bulbs on jap version. I just noticed on the back of the light body(white part) there are stampings for J and E(Japanese and euro? English?) bulb wattages and the J red ring bulbs are both dual standard. Bit hard to explain so have a look for your self. Stamps are the same on Jap and Aus version of lights.
  5. Also I can't get over how well these lights are made. 37 or so years old and they come apart easily for cleaning and look spectacular. You just don't get that with cars anymore.
  6. Jap version came with dual filament bulbs for brake tail already fitted but wasn't wired to work as 4 tails and 4 brakes? Also bulbs for both reds are stamped different on body of light so I changed them to be all the same. Not hard at all, my main concern was about having to fit dial filament fittings, but they're already there.
  7. I don't really know how yahoo japan works but I bid $235 aud and gear boot was about $30. After fees and postage cost me $350. Probably could have waited for a cheaper set but my window for a friend in Japan to help was closing. The lights where wired up a bit funny and wattages of bulbs not what I wanted so I rewired and rebulbed so should be ready to plug in maybe this weekend.
  8. Fresh out of Japan, all cleaned and ready to fit. Cant wait. Also got a new original copy gear stick boot.
  9. From what I can see the most important difference between the cheapest and dearest plates is the bush/bearing option. Cheapest is to have a bush to take rotational force from steering, then comes spherical bearing which is better than bush at load life and turning force(better for steering and life of component). Best of all is the thrust bearing which is great for load and steering forces. I have to weigh up my intended use vs cost/quality of components.Kmac also do one for 240k K-MAC Suspension Camber and Caster adjuster kits to suit Datsun Think for my intended use the spherical bearings will suffice? Ebay option looks ok but my only concern is the height at which my strut top will sit when installed. Could be higher or lower, I will have to have a look and a bit of a guess as it maybe different?
  10. I used CEVA transport to get my 240 from melb to bris. Cost me $750 for running car (only just) door to door.
  11. Looks good. Maybe because of the style of car and the people that owned them there seems to be some really clean examples around in the c body shape.
  12. Was thinking of trying to get a bearing in there. Thanks Jim
  13. I think they look pretty cool. Any pics?
  14. Spoke to Nissan and told they told me they are no longer available. Will have to make something myself.
  15. Going to be doing a bit of work on my white 77 240k soon. Got all the bits ready for the manual conversion and thought I would do some suspension work while I'm going. Picked up some low king springs a while ago but am thinking I will need to put in camber plates to keep it straight. Front looks to be well aligned at the moment with standard tyres and rims. The rear is running some big negative camber and I will be looking into that at the same time(maybe sagged springs?) but will be leaving the rear height standard if it looks ok once camber is corrected. So my question is regarding camber plates have you guys fitted any and if so which do you recommend. Have seen plenty on ebay but little specifically for 240k. Some universal for Nissan look good but quality and fit? Trying to stick to budget but any help appreciated. I don't drive the car much or very far and never putting it on the track:finger: Universal Camber Adjustment Plates Nissan Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 200sx 240sx | eBay
  16. Got the car home today with the new/old wheels on. Looks so much better than those meshies I think.
  17. Finally got around to fixing up the standard rims this week. Had been waiting for some good cheap tyres to come up for sale. Got the rims sandblasted then painted them myself, pretty happy with how they came up and look so much better than the trx meshies I have on there now. Was rushing to have them done for the All Jap Day 8 June in Brisbane. Will put up some pics at the show.
  18. Different carb to the bottom link but the link to master tech mag is gold. Some things I had checked but some I hadn't. Cheers mate that's awesome.
  19. I have been having running issues with my white c110 suddenly and found out it was carb by doing a swap with my blue one. Can't seem to see a problem with the carb so was wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area had a spare late model auto choke carby they could send my way. I hope to be at the All jap day on the 8th of June if that helps. Thanks Cam
  20. Yeah I saw that one, sure did need some work. Interior was cactus.
  21. Does anyone know if the accelerator shaft support bush is still available? All of the ones I have are crumbling to pieces. Is the part number 18311 P1100?
  22. It's back again but this time 12k. 1977 Datsun 240K Sedan | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Latrobe Area - Tarleton | 1047070712
  23. Quickly cleaned the interior a few weeks ago. Came up up pretty good but I don't like the blue as much. White hoodlining is a bit different.[ATTACH=CONFIG]71448[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]71449[/ATTACH]
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