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    My husband and I bought a very cancerous 1978 280 in 2010 and sold it two years later. It was a very fun car, but it needed too much work for a couple of college students. When we sold the car, we said that someday we would own another. It turns out someday is sooner than we thought. We just traded my old Firebird for a 1972 240 that is another project but one that is much more manageable (aka, wayyyyyy less rust). Let the restoration begin.
  1. 72bspl

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    I did all the body work (well fiberglass and paint prep) on my vette, so i have some experience there. Luckily, the only dent on the z is a smallish one next to the drivers side tail light. I have a 4 speed transmission out of my previous '78. Any thoughts on doing a 4-spd in stead of a 5? I am planning on dailying the car (I'd rather enjoy it. The Vette is already sitting too much.) but I don't have to drive highways to get to work.
  2. Hi, I am a new member to the site. My husband and I owned a78 280 a while back and just bought a 72 240. The car is a restoration project with minimal rust and mostly in need of a paint job. I am trying to decide whether to do a factory restoration or a resto-mod. The car is currently and originally 112-yellow (lime green) and and has an automatic transmission. I'm really not a fan of autos, and the previous three cars (not z's) that I have purchase I converted to standards. What is the general opinion on this swap in the z community? And any thoughts on the paint color? I know a lot of the 112-yellow cars were repainted. Is it worth repainting the car in yellow because its now more rare or does it really matter? I'd like to hear what the community thinks, and I'm open to suggestions. The resto will be going somewhat slower as time/money play a factor (I'm currently paying for grad school) but I restored my 1978 Vette fairly completely over the past 6 years, so slow doesn't really mean never.
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