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  1. Anyone else from NORWAY here? It would be nice to gather all of us vikings to share info and simulare stuff. In that case please add your, email, skype name, facebook, adress/place you live. Maybe we can make a gathering with our Z's ///Stian
  2. Hei Terje, bra det er flere her som er fra Norge, jeg ser du bor på jessheim. jeg har selv bodd på Lie, Jessheim fra jeg var 15. Nå bor jeg bak Statoil på skedsmokorset. Det hadde vært gøy å kunne møttes en dag eller snakke pr.tlf, mail. Mitt telefon nummer er +47 966 111 66, Email: carsmart@gmail.com, Evnt. facebook, stian sand Hvor viste du din bil, jessheim, eller Lillestrøm?
  3. Hi, im a guy from Norway that just have bought me my dream. 71 240z from USA. It will arrive to Norway in the start of March. See link. I have to convert the taillight to Euro mod, i was thinking of using MUstang 05- taillights. What do you guys and girls think of that? Im not sure if the size is to big since i dont have the measerment of the lamps, anyone got that both for mustang and the original 240z taillights. Im sorry but my English is not to good. Anyone seen this before on 240z? Datsun : Z-Series S30 in Datsun | eBay Motors Ford LED Tail Lights | Altezza Euro Clear/Red/Smoke Tail Lights 0508 Ford Mustang Euro Led Taillights Black | Best Cheap Buy Where Review Deals Price Save Low USA Offer Ford Mustang Tail lights| Ford Mustang LED Tail lights 05-09 Ford MUSTANG Chrome Housing Red Lens LED Tail Lights
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