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  1. I saw several like this out there: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Datsun-240Z-S30D-Coupe-Owner-Owners-Manual-User-Guide-Set-/372543477200 Alright, thanks for clarifying Frankie
  2. I have seen prices up to $300 for the originals sold all by themselves. Has anyone else see them sell at these prices?
  3. Hello I have been looking online for the value of 1972 240z warrantly booklet w card and owners manual. These prices seem to be all over the place. Can anyone tell me what a reasonable price is? Thanks for the help Frankie
  4. Haven't posted in a couple of years, but I ran into an issue this last month that I needed to tell. On the way to work a month or so ago my 240z all of a sudden started bogging. The exhaust had gone from high pitch to a low baritone. I had to gas the hell out of it to get home, stalling several times along the way. Once I got home I did the usual checking for gas and spark. All good. Literally for weeks I looked for a cause. Because its my daily driver, I had to rent a car, three a matter of fact. I ran out of time and money so i got drastic and had the head rebuilt, 150 bucks. I put the rebuilt head on, only to get the same result. So I removed the head and put it back on, double checking all the procedures. Still the same result. At that point I started playing with timing. Tonight I finally figured it out after 3 rental cars, 500 bucks, and a pissed off girlfriend later (giving me rides). Carb needle fell off the bottom of the piston :stupid: Im not mad though, this last month I got back to workin on the car and remembering how much I loved it and why I have the z after all this time. So if you get the baritone exhaust, might give it a look
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