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  1. 26th-Z. I guess I did not make myself clear enough. Combined. As in injection molded plastic around a metal sub frame. That doesn't seem like such a feat. Not mixed. As in mixing plastic and metal. Only an idiot would think that was possible. After more research I found out on my own that they were either metal OR plastic, no metal inside a plastic emblem that could cause a magnet to stick. But thanks for answering my question about the mounting posts. Thank You siteunseen! No 'acne' here, but a strong magnet sticks and I found no reference to metal inside a plastic emblem. I'm confident it's metal.
  2. I have a 240z rear deck badge and can't decide if it's metal or plastic. It has posts on the back and a strong magnet will stick to it. Common sense says metal and I don't think the plastic ones had posts but I think I read here somewhere that Datsun used a metal/plastic combination to save money? Any help appreciated! I don't want to hold a lighter to it to check!