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  1. seo troll..............

  2. Well problems with injectors usually starts with misfiring, or having a hard start or hesitation. Listen for sounds but if there are other sounds it might not only be the injector. Check for engine crank. You said that there are leakage, it could be a dangerous thing because fuel leaks from your injector can cause a burn in your vehicle's engine. If there are leakage it must be replaced immediately.You could try visiting autopartswarehouse.com (lots of new carparts here) for replacement. Just note that before you test the equipment-- fuel injection system, you must relieve the fuel pressure by having the vacuum hose disconnected from the fuel pressure regulator and remove the fuel tank cap. Hope this helps. Thanks!
  3. You gotta be spending pretty big if you want a car with that kind of performance mate. If you want to mount parts in your car then you could start canvassing and browse more auto parts that would just suits your deal. Sure the price would normally range up to a thousands of dollars but at least you'll get what you wanted. But make sure you spend your money wisely.
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