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  1. riceburner

    New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    Hi Sean, these are the dimensions measured roughly, excuse the diagram. Might be suitable as a big bore option for your line of exhausts. Reinhard stopped selling them separately after I got this in 2013. A few Aus guys tried buying them but they would only sell the entire system.
  2. riceburner

    New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    I run 3" mandrel bent all the way to the rear then split it into twin 60mm at the Reinhard muffler. It must get fairly warm, the tips changed colour after the first track day. Not sure what the flow rates are when comparing 3" with twin 60mm.
  3. riceburner

    New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    The picture of the red 240z above is the stainless system from Reinhard Japan. It's twin 60mm from the headers all the way through, twin 60mm rear muffler too.
  4. riceburner

    Stroker 3.1

    Look foward to the progress. It'll be snappy!
  5. riceburner

    Stroker 3.1

    The ebay rods by max speeding, spool etc are all the same. From having used both I can tell you the short ebay L28 rods measured at 615 grams +/- 1.2 grams and were only 130.3mm long. The DSI rods are 139.5mm long, they measured at 500 grams and all were within less than 0.5 grams. In a high spec engine every bit helps, especially with quick revs. Compare the DSI piston/rod combo to the shorter Ebay rods, 690 grams less for the DSI rods alone. Then there's the DSI pistons, a 3.4kg flywheel. Things really start to add up then. I'm not saying the ebay rods are garbage, mine served their purpose without fault but It all comes down to your build spec. From what I can see a lot of the DSI rod & piston offerings look very similar to Kameari. To get back on topic, Diseazd do you know if Eiji sonic tested the block?
  6. riceburner

    Stroker 3.1

    Very interested to see what it does also! I have the same bits in bottom end, bit of extra crank work and a worked P90 shaved 2.4mm. The ebay rods are not the same as DSI. There is a big weight difference.
  7. riceburner

    9 SMD LED too long for Engine bay light lens

    Got my parcel today. Thanks Chas, they look excellent!!!
  8. riceburner

    Carter rotary pump

    You'll get voltage drops using the factory harness without a relay, so much you can actually hear the pump speed up and slow down when the indicators come on/off. Ask me how I know, ! Lower voltage means more current draw which may shorten the life of the pump. It'll also alter the flow rate.
  9. riceburner

    Carter rotary pump

    I tried the Carter pump, but removed it due to the noise. It's like someone is using a hammer drill on the underside of the car! I switched to a Pierburg many years ago, It's been faultless on road and track. Pierburg roller cell pump, 1.9 litres per minute @ 3 psi running at 13.8 volts 2.0 amps and supports up to 340hp.
  10. riceburner

    New Z Magazine

    Read my first digital issue, very happy I got this and at a great price too! Thanks
  11. riceburner

    9 SMD LED too long for Engine bay light lens

    Wow, great work Chas. I'd like one of these for my ride, PM sent.
  12. riceburner

    New Z Magazine

    Me too. We have nothing like this in Australia, I'm looking forward to some great reading.
  13. riceburner

    Break-In Period For Belts?

    If the belt is slipping but seems tight enough try giving the pulleys a light sand or wire brush. It'll take the shine off the pulley surfaces and give better grip. CRC also make a product called 'belt grip' it's kind of an adhesive spray, can be helpful as a last resort. It can be messy though.
  14. riceburner

    Air Horn Filters

    Second pic (maroon Z) looks like an R-factory airbox, I just purchased one of these for my cold air setup. Max airhorn length I measured would be about 70mm with minimal clearance. Re filters. I'd run them dry unless specified otherwise. I ran uni filter socks, I've tried them oiled, then dry and it's messier when they are oiled. The positive was the oil seemed to help keep the dirt more on the outside of the filter, when dry I found more grit imbedded in the foam material and cleaning was taking at lot longer. If you do oil them, do it very lightly. Colinc 'JDM Fairlady' is my ride, it's just an AUS spec November 73 240. Pic was taken at a car show, filters were removed for asthetics, uni filter socks are not nearly as pretty as the ram air filters. It's a shame to hide the stacks under an airbox/filters but that's the trade off I guess.
  15. riceburner

    In the what if ? series

    I ran Keihin CV's from a Honda blackbird for a while, I purchased 2 sets of four and then rearranged them into a set of six. Good solid carbs, they even have knife edged throttle shafts from the factory. I now have six FCR41 flat slide carbs on my car, I couldn't be happier with the way they run and the sound is amazing! Tuning isn't hard providing you have an air fuel meter, I used an innovate LM-2 for on road tuning. Balancing I find easier than trying to do my old triple dellorto's, they stay in tune much longer too. Driveability is fine and that's with an overbored L28, heavily ported P90 and a 76deg works high lift cam.

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