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  1. rem

    Hello from north west CT

    Found me a 71 240Z Been in a barn for 22 years
  2. rem

    Hello from north west CT

    I seen those the one in NH is automatic plus does not have a title The one in mass the motor is disassemble
  3. I've own a 240,260 & 280 in the 1980s Looking for a 240z project. Haven't had much luck finding one in my area. Will be doing all the work myself. I look at a 73 today,said to have 73,000 miles. Floors were redone engine was real good body real good shape as in little or no rust needs paint bad and interior and i notice a lot of bondo on the roof of the car and driver side door.He was asking $7500 which i thought was high. I made a offer of $4000 said his bottom line was $6000. I walk away. I am looking for the going price of these z cars not looking for something i can jump in and drive away. Thanks Rick glad to be here and finding a 240z

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