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  1. Dude, I think you meant metal to mount the VintageAir Mini. If that is correct, I found a variety of shapes in sheet metal at Home Depot and Lowes used in lumber framing. One I used was a "T" shape and I bent the tail at the base of the cross member. Mounted the cross member on the transmission tunnel with the tail pointing up. Other shapes attached to the firewall.  

    1. djwarner


      Actually they bend quite easily. A bench vise will hold it while you push it over. Use a rubber mallet to flatten the bend to a sharp corner.

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  2. Hey Dale,


    You don't live very far from me - we should compare notes on the Z.  I also have a 71.

    I live off Tarpon Springs Rd.



    1. djwarner


      I live in New Port Richey. Yes let's get together. My email is djwarner@earthlink.net

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