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  1. The head was definiitely not rebuilt...
  2. I just got my rebuilt frame up restoration home...what type of gas are y'all using for 1972 240Z ?
  3. SteveLeBlanc

    Steves 1972

    Restoration of 1972 to replicate the first car I owned.
  4. Has anyone put an IPOD connection into a 240z and where did you put it ? Thanks !
  5. Is there a source for buying the old Datsun paints ?
  6. 1972 240Z production date 8/72 VIN # HLS3096710
  7. The very first car I ever owned was a gift from my parents...A 1972 240z ; White w Red and had Auto and AC. I have just acquired a 1972 with 78,000 mi from the original owner...it has Red interior with Auto and AC but is Silver Grey original paint. My feeling is I would love to paint it White to sort of have my first car. Good or bad idea ? Am I destroying the value ?
  8. Not leaking water. Its def part of AC cooling system.
  9. I have a hose leaking coolant...the hose enters the firewall...anyone know what this hose is called so i can get a replacement ?
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