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  1. Once again, thanks for the links. Much appreciated.
  2. Wow thanks so much for the link to that wiring diagram. It will be super useful. I do already have the FSM. Can you send me a link to the EFI bible?
  3. I figured out my two mystery wires - they were for an aftermarket alarm which the PO left only partially dismantled. There's an alarm brain under the dash with a few pigtails and some stuff still hooked up. While under the dash I also saw that someone started disconnecting the optional AC but then also messed with the regular heating/vent controls. This is going to be a nightmare.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Still haven't had a chance to look into it further. It's been raining unfortunately. Tomohawk - The wires are colored. One is white and the other is goldish in color so it could also possibly be yellow or brown? MillerTime802 - The PO did add a button to the dash for a horn. Looking through the FSM and based on location I do think it is related to the console harness or the console to engine harness connection.
  5. Thanks for ID'ing the condensor. After searching about it, seems like I can just remove it without any real consequence. If I decide to replace it, can I use any available capacitor? I'll be pulling up the carpet and looking into the other wires next weekend. I have a lot of electrical gremlins to look into - no headlights, no dash lights, passenger side turn signal goes on but doesn't blink, no heat or vents, slow wipers.... etc etc.
  6. Hi guys, I just acquired a '78 280Z and the wiring is in pretty poor condition. It looks like some has frayed and some has been disconnected or bypassed by the previous owner. I do have the FSM and have looked through the electrical section but these items have both ends cut so I can't trace them. Can someone help me identify the two items circled in red? 1) This part is in the driver's side of the engine bay next to the ignition coil. Both ends frayed off. 2) These two wires are coming through the firewall near the battery. One is gold and the other is white. The PO has them taped to two other wires that have been cut. No clue what they should be going to. Thanks in advance. I have a few more coming that I still need to get pictures of. -Alex.
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