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  1. Hey guys I wanted to post some actual results of what the z covers looked like installed since some of you were wondering. I just did these yesterday and rebuilt the support straps for the bottom of the seat so that it doesn't sag in the middle too. In my opinion for being synthetic, these look and feel pretty real. They did take over 2 weeks for shipping but I think they came out pretty nice and the fit was excellent from company, didn't have to modify.
  2. This one is pretty cool actually. I've owned a 350z and they are fun cars too But I still think someone should do this to their s30 in the us just because.
  3. I think it'd be cool if someone recreated the Japanese fairlady police car. Anyone ever do this? It's interesting to me that they even used the fairlady as police there. What do you think?
  4. The guy didn't really have any paperwork on it so I will have to check with dmv I guess to see what my options are.
  5. Okay one other thing too that you guys could probably help with.. How would I go about registering this car? Are there any specific things I need to say to get tags or will they not have an issue with it being rhd since it's over 25 years old?
  6. nice pics also spitz! It's cool to see another fairlady so close to me.
  7. UPDATE: Sent the gas tank in and it should be done next week all refreshed and lined. And okay guys you've convinced me enough. Since The rally clock works, its staying in the car, just took off my ebay listing. I will be selling my triple webers instead and keeping this car stock. I have new masters and slave for clutch and brakes. got new rubber brake hoses because one was cracked and had a hole, figured should replace all. Going to go to Napa and get any rubber fuel lines by gas tank as those were all bad upon furthur inspection. I freshened up the engine before I attempted to turn it over, and I still ran it through a filter even though it was off a gas can. I didn't think to check the caliper seals but that should be a cheap and easy thing to replace too while I'm overhauling the brakes I might as well. In response to Mike B, this car would never be my daily driver. I have beater cars to take the abuse of mileage This would be more like an ongoing restoration project that is hopefully driveable on the weekends or to shows/events.
  8. Okay I will probably just save up and spend the $300 at a radiator shop and do it right. I have been messing with the gas tank and can't get it completely clean still so I have no choice really. Thank you for all your help and I will let you guys know the moment I get her back up and going. And Montezuma you are right .. I should just get used to this beauty breaking my wallet
  9. Is the kit from POR worth getting ? since boiling it out seems to cost a lot of money everywhere I go.
  10. Hey everyone, I am new to the site but have been a long time follower of your blogs and threads. I recently acquired a RHD fairlady z from Japan. I don't know much about the cars history besides that it was stored indoors for a long time in a temperature controlled storage and was owned by a marine in the 80s. Anyways, I was just wondering if there is anything I should worry about when trying to run this car again after 20+ years of sitting? I have searched the forum and gotten the engine to run from a gas can with a new fuel pump, but was wondering how bad the gas lines will be since there was still gas in the car? Can I just clean those out and replace necessary hoses? Or will I need to buy new ones altogether? And are there any other Nissan specific things I should worry about when trying to drive this eventually? (such as brake or clutch common issues after sitting) On another note,the gas tank had about 4 inches of solid sludge and I have began cleaning it out with chemicals and stuff but still have a small layer on the bottom. How do I get this out also? OR does a member have a tank that they can sell? I am up for any suggestions and thanks for all your previous and ongoing help! I posted some pics of my new project so people can know what I am talking about. Any info or history a more experienced member would have on my particular car is greatly appreciated.
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