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  1. well, the only numbers I seem to have stamped on mine are e46 and e88, so i guess I don't have the 260 ones I thought I did. oh well... As for the nasty carbs, I would think it should be acceptable to use the 3 screw carbs in even the best full on restoration, since even Nissan dealers were putting them onto the cars as a solution..... but then again, I have never done a restoration, so how would I know what the "rules" are!
  2. Hey all! Been out of the hobby for a while, since my son was born. I feel like a bonehead for asking the most common knowledge question, but which casting is the 260z intake manifold? I have a few intake/carb combinations from different cars, but I forgot which is which. Thanks, and try not to be cruel!
  3. Well, someone has sold me a plastic tank (by email, as a result of this site). Pending its condition on arrival, I'll have solved a sticky delemma.... Thanks for all the help, I feel like I know my car much better! P.S. If I get any more responses from people having this part, I'd be glad to pass your name on to them if you'd like, Mike.... Later, Tim
  4. She's a 6/71 car, and her name is 'Becky'. The '72 tank I tried wouldn't fit. I guess that ought to narrow things down to one part number, I really am glad to have so many knowledgeable people take interest in this discussion! Becky thanks you. Tim
  5. Ok, I guess there are a lot of creative ways to solve this delemma, but I'd sure prefer to put the stock part in if I can find one. I'm the sort of person who could easily turn a "simple" fabrication job like this into a really expensive and time consuming waste of time. (not knowing what the gas pressure is we're dealing with, I suppose I'd probably play it safe with a short section of pvc pipe and some fittings, but how do I know the purpose of the relative orientation of the inlet hoses? etc., etc., etc.) I guess it just seems to me that this shouldn't be a highly sought after part,
  6. I know I need the cd! Looks like it turned out pretty well... (last time I was on with you guys you were still working on it, as I recall.... In the mean time, thanks for the info! I'll still try to find a used one if I can though, to (sorry about the pun) try to avoid getting 'plugged' by the dealer;) Thanks again!
  7. Hi I have a 71 240, which the previous (very young) owner removed parts from, thinking they were "getting rid of all that emissions junk". Turns out, I have about half of an a/c system, and this sort of triangular tank, which mounts inside the hatchback, just over the fuel filler tube is missing. I understand that the one I'm looking for is made of plastic, NOT METAL (thanks Mike!) I have been able to locate one on a '72 model car, but it is a different design (too big, made of metal). mine is the older car without seatbelt retractors. (but not so old as to have rear hatch vents). I'd sur
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