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  1. hey guys.

    just watched a vid of the Z432-R, and the person in the video showed a book of some special Z's.

    those r:



    Fairlady Z-L

    Fairlady Z-T

    what's the difference on those? all i know about those is that the Z432R got the same engine as the '71 Skyline 2000GTR and there's made 20 of it.

  2. it have been a while.

    but i'm pretty much close to the finish of the interior. what i'm missing it only the plastic part hanging under the glovebox, seat belts and finish the door panels (plus a little more stuff, but not alot).

    u have any good pics of the door panels + the part under the glovebox?

  3. ok, finished the tripmaster, it's looking awesome now. tho, i just noticed a little button next to it, but unfornutaly, it's mounted on the OTHER side, closer to the driver side than the Halda. so unless i could get a pic of how it looks 100%, it might be done wrong :(

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