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  1. yeah, sry. haven't been online for some time, so forgot to thank u. well tnx also made an album with the progress on the car too, if u'd like to see
  2. can someone tell me what the part in the circle of this pic is called? and someone also have some nice pics of it? some closeup where text and logos is visible? tnx in advance
  3. Tnx for the pics and name of the seat manufacturer if u can find pics of the sest used in the rally Z, i'd like to get them
  4. as u guys might know, i'm working on a couple of Z versions in 3d models. my problem right now is how does the rally Z's seat looks as the bottom? i mean, where it's attached to the car. i only have one pic, and it's a see through one, but doesn't help at all on how it's attached :/
  5. And i thought only the lights were different... damn, i got lots of work to do before it gets released for the public tnx for the info guys!
  6. Tnx for those links Also, saw that the EU spec has specific spring colors. Does the US spec too? If u can tell me, which? I'm at the phone only in the next few days
  7. Ey guys. Can someone write down what the difference between the early 70 Z eu and us spec editions r?
  8. Those he showed me didn't show full details But Bonzi gave me pics that showed the details
  9. I guess my friend was wrong when he said my Z was missing floor mats 3d model). But that saves me some work. Tho, if the early 70 Z had mats, i jad some work to do
  10. no, not really. but the standard '70 240Z didn't come with floor mats?
  11. exactly, the top one is what i need too
  12. tnx, very nice pic . any chance of a close up of the logo?
  13. hello again this time i need some very good pics of the floor mats for the '70 240Z. preferly some top-down pics of them so i can see the size of them. plus some closeups of logos and text tnx in advance
  14. sry, the site wont send me a mail when there comes replis :/. but sure, i'd still love to get some good ones monster875@hotmail.dk
  15. sounds like really bad tires O.o but i gotta tell u that the reason i asked is because i'm doing a 3d model of the early '70 Z, so i need everything to be original, even the tires . if u ever get some good pics of the tread and sidewall, i'd love to get them, so i can make a detailed texture
  16. that's nice didn't expect anyone to know or reply tnx alot
  17. does anyone here know which exact tires the original '70 Z came out of the factory in the US with? also, if u have pics of it with visible text and/or a perfect view of the tire wall (and tread), it would be greatly appreciated
  18. yeah, the transparent ones well, gotta remove them on my project then the car will be in a game based in NYC
  19. any of u btw know if the headlight glass is either optional or even available for the early '70 Z?
  20. tnx u know what's not original at that car?
  21. it's very kind of u offering another Z owner a badge +1
  22. ey guys. those of u who have a STOCK early '70 240Z, could they plz provide me pics of engine, interior, chassis and other stuff of them?
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