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  1. seems odd to me. there are no rips or cracks. there are 2 very small diameter, widely separated, holes, almost like a finishing nail was driven through it. i do know that beginning a few months ago i occasionally smelled gas after filling up or when i turned a corner hard. smell disappeared quickly, however, so i made a mental note and filed it. i'm curious how holes develop in what seems to be a pretty formidable piece of rubber.
  2. ha, VA, bet you build lots of boats there ; ). yup, "flexible enough" was the phrase mechanic used, but if i'd had to, i'd have ferreted one out somewhere between Bodega Bay and Sausalito. but, i got lucky. someone saw my plight on a forum, reached out, and i got the part. where would we be without the great Z communities out there?
  3. thnx, FW, i'll look into this, but no, i don't know much about bending fuel rated hose. Like if it's pliable enough to make the specific bends shown in my pics. if i find out they're bendable, i'll check hampton rubber, there may also be a marine shop in my area (coastal).
  4. yeah, i figured it's not in stock anywhere, haven't seen/heard of any aftermarket option, so far no luck in the used department, been calling all over, MSA, Bonzai, zcarsource, local yards...
  5. hey, thanks, siteunseen, appreciate it. unfortunately, they didn't have one...
  6. Hi All, I need a fuel filler hose for a '78 280 Z. I'm stuck on a rack at a garage and mechanic can't find one. Mechanic says the one he did find was a year off, '77, '79, who knows, says he can't remember. He said it was 1/4 inch shy of making a good connection (!?) I can't get smogged (CA) without one. I tried buying the only one that looked like it would fit from ebay, but the seller said it was sold a long time ago <grrr>. There is one more at ebay, but even though seller says it's for '77-'78 here, it doesn't look right compared to mine (attached). It looks more like pics i've seen for earlier 280Z's. A '78 hose has some weird bends in it. I emailed MSA (out of stock, but running it by them anyway). I've hunted online, but no luck. Does anyone out there have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks much phil
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