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  1. I'm pretty confident I've got the correct bulbs in. I put in 1157's as that's what was in them. I'm not able to find any documentation to back up that's correct though. Doing some more troubleshooting, I found that when fuse #10 is pulled, turn signals work fantastic, but the tail lights don't illuminate, nor do the dash light (well, most of them). With it put in, headlamps on, I can see some stress around the middle of the fuse, but no snap. Turn signals with lamps on, no difference. But when I put on parking lights, bam. Fuse blows. Not just snaps, but melts and blows. With parking lights on
  2. So, I'm convincing myself more and more that it's a wiring issue somewhere. Doing some more troubleshooting, and now it appears that with the lights on, the right side will just stay lit, won't flash in the back. With lights off, it actually engages the hazards. Removed the flasher (under the driver side dash), and problem's the same. So, better question then would be, anyone have any idea where the wiring might be shot?
  3. Brand new bulb and sockets were scrubbed out. They were a bit corroded, but nothing too shocking. Would the sockets really cause the issue with the opposite side engage, working/not working depending on the headlights?
  4. So, I've been working on restoring a '79 280zx, and man, it's been a fight. But finally, it's running, it's ready to go, and so I thought that from here on out, it'd be all cosmetic. That is until I started testing my lights. Long story short, my right turn signal... With the lights on (parking or head), the front right turn signal will stay solid (even without the turn signal being engaged), and the rear right will flash rapidly. With the lights off, all works well, except the left side (side mounted, not the entire left side) parking light/flasher blinks as well when the right is engaged. Th
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