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  1. Thanks all for the input. I just ordered a new 22301-P7901 controller from Courtesy Nissan. Regards, SPG1 Arlington, tx
  2. Hi - I've replaced my stock 240Z distributor with an E10-80 from a 1980 280ZX. I've replaced the advance plate mechanism, magnet ring and now also need to replace the vacuum advance which bolts onto the outside of the dizzy. Does anyone know the correct part number for a *single-line* vacuum advance which will fit into this distributor form/fit/function? Note, the original 280ZX vacuum controller had 2 vacuum lines -- I think one was advance and the other for anti-backfire retardation -- but I only need a simple 1-line controller which has the correct mount hole location and arm length. Thanks in advance, Sean Gillen Arlington, Tx
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