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  1. I came across this 1970 240Z sitting in an automechanic's yard. He had been storing it for a friend for the better part of a year. I asked if it was for sale. At first, the automechanic's friend wasn't interested in selling. I'm guessing the automechanic (who was storing the car rent free) finally talked him into it. I purchased the vehicle for $2,800. The car was in pretty rough shape, but it did run. I've only ever driven it twice. The first was a test drive before I bought it and the second time was to drive it home. The car has crazy get-up and go. As far as I can tell, the engine had been rebuilt with a N47 head and a 5-speed transmission replaced the origional 4. The car's serial number is 2436 with a build date of Feb. 1970 and the engine S/N matches. I'm currently in the process of tearing it down. (The truck pictured behind the Z is a 1982 Toyota. In Southern Arizona, cars seem to last forever!)