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  1. For those of you ZXR Owners that might still be interested in a stripe kit I just about have the art completed, just working on finalizing colors which is the most difficult task since there is no data specs. available to my knowledge, just what is on my car, which I am sure has faded some. If interested you can send me a PM. Enjoy the ride ! Phil
  2. Gas Strut Specs.pdfI wanted to pass on some information about heavy duty struts for any ZXR owners looking to replace your weak or worn out hatch struts. I have tried a few different standard struts with less than desirable results due to the weight of the hatch with the whale tail most struts are just not the right capacity rating. I have found that the capacity needs to be a minimum of 70lbs. The original struts (Nissan #99996-R8004) I believe have an 80lb. rating. I have attached a PDF with the specs. I found that work well. Enjoy the ride! Phil
  3. Does anyone know how I can contact Alex Jordon (CZCC # 8785) goes by user name Cantos? He sent me a private message about 2 weeks ago, and I have not heard back from him? If anyone has a alternate email for him would you mind sending me a PM? I would appreciate your help! Regards, Phil
  4. Hello Everyone, Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a 280ZXR California car and have begun restoration process. I am currently working on a full reproduction stripe kit for the car and was wondering if there are others that might be interested since I will probably be producing several when the time comes. I am in the decal business and have access to all that i need to produce them once I have completed the art files. It will take awhile to complete to insure sizing and color accuracy are correct but thought I would test the waters to see if there is any additional interest. Regards, Phil
  5. I think you have your part number incorrect.... the J25499 is a A/C adapter. The EFI analyzer your referring to is J25400. I have one in excellent shape but I never use it. I agree with the previous post the EFI system on Zx's is not that complicated! Regards, Phil
  6. Im looking for NOS parts for restoration projects. Can you send me the link where I cam find your parts list?
  7. Hi Wade, I would check for a cracked hose at your vacuum tank chances are one of the 4 Vacuum hoses has a length wise split in it. I have seen this on many occasions and about 1/2 the time the split in the tube is not visible unless you remove it and bend it. The crack or split is usually within 1/2" for the end of the vacation line.
  8. Here are a couple of California 10th AE's
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