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  1. I have a 1976 280z that I'm rebuilding, and I got the Beck/Arnley 023-1142 outer valve springs for it, only to find that they're way too big! The internet has told me on several sites that they should fit; why don't they?! I have the L28 engine, base model; are the spring different for the 2+2?? Thanks!!
  2. So after buying my Michigan 280z and tearing into it only to discover more rust than metal, I have decided to find a new body in a state which doesn't eat cars . So! I am in the market for a 75-78 280z body with minimal/no rust, though beyond that a project body would be great. I am looking to spend 1500 or so, and the most important thing to me is that it has as little rust as possible; if it needs interior work or electrical or other parts that's fine, just NO RUST. A friend will be travelling to Florida sometime soon, so if there is anything between Michigan and Florida that would be great.
  3. Hello, so I started stripping the interior of my '76 280z project toady and found that the floor pans on both sides are quite rusty including small holes on both sides. The back seems fine, the rust starts just behind the seats and goes foreward...I haven't gotten through the insulation on the center section yet, though I suspect it is also rusted. Also needs new frame rails. What would be the best/most cost effective way to repair this? How much would new pans be? Can I get used floor pans or make my own, or do they have to be new? (ALSO how do I get the dang steering wheel off?! xD) Thanks f
  4. I have two '76 280z engines, one with 100,00+ miles, one with 50,000. i am planning on keeping the 50,000 for my project car, and i took the 100,000 miler to my auto class to clean up/potentially repair, etc. Well, we cracked it open and it is a gem; besides being dirty and carbon-y because of its age, it is in great condition. I am refurbishing it in class and now my question is: should i sell the engine as a whole (what do they generally go for)? Or can i get more for it in parts? any imput is appreciated! thanks!
  5. I just bought my first pair of project cars, (two '76 280Zs and I am PSYCHED about them!! ) and both doors on both cars are locked from the outside, but not the inside. I can climb through the hatch and open the doors fine from the inside, and the lock isn't down inside, but once I exit the car and close the door, it is locked! is this some kind of safety feature? is there a way to undo it? or is something broken/stuck? i haven't tried using the key to unlock it (just thought of that, whoops); would that help? (maybe i should have tried that xD). any help would be appreciated, thanks!!
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