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  1. The first part of the teardown was the front suspension. I will also be using Arizona Z Car steering knuckles and replacing as many parts as I can. All suspension and drivetrain components will be new or rebuilt.
  2. I bought my favorite Z wheel of all time from Goki at DATSMO: Speedstar Racing Formula Mesh 15x7.5 et -2
  3. New Champion 3-Row radiator, 123ignition bluetooth distributor, MSD 6AL Digital, 2005 Subaru WRX STI 3.90 LSD differential, Datsun Restomods bolt-on CV axles, Koni adjustable struts, Eibach lowering springs, the list goes on.
  4. I sold my 73 240z locally for $3800 and kept the 4000-mile L29, triple Mikuni 44 setup, and Fujitsubo exhaust. This is just the beginning of parts I started to acquire Feb-March 2020.
  5. Here in Indiana I started gathering parts and stripping her down. The stock seats were sold for $100 locally and I will be replacing them with period correct Recaros from MCK Recaro.
  6. I immediately added new NGK wires and the correct Series 1 airbox.
  7. 280z vented hood and a Chinese HID kit. I'm going to keep it for now. I have stock vents that need to be painted.
  8. The car was mostly original upon purchase. Missing radio, but all other Series 1 parts are present minus steelies and hubcaps. Very solid rustwise. Solid floors, framerails, battery tray area, hatch area. Original color is 901 silver; the car has had one hasty black respray over original paint. I found some bondo in the front fenders; these will be replaced with OEM before paint work back to original color. The worst part about the car: the PO riveted cheap fiberglass flares on uncut wheel wells (more on that later). My choice was to save the wheel wells and keep a mostly stock body. The car was very well maintained mechanically over the years. Matching numbers L24/E31. All I know about the car is that I bought it from a flipper in Denver who never finished the respray. Daily driver quality. Accel coil, round top SUs, stock exhaust. Solid steering, decent brakes, weak clutch but good transmission. I have put about 600 miles on the car with no breakdowns.
  9. I originally purchased this "Series 1" that I have named Sakura in an attempt to flip it. Plans changed quickly after I wrecked my 3rd owner 73 240z last year. So far I have owned this 1971 240z for a little over a year. I moved cross country at the end of last year so I have only really been working on her since the quarantine.
  10. Vintage Dashes makes an entirely new 240z dashboard, do you need more info?
  11. Thanks buddy. I've seen both of those resources in my research. Sadly in the S30 Facebook groups such as DPAN and 240/260/280Z Lovers the ZCarDepot model has poor reviews so I'm hesitant to throw down the cash.
  12. Hello, Is there a group spindle pin puller still floating around? Looking to borrow one and tackle this job.
  13. By luck I stumbled on a 1971 #18720 Series 1 car that will become my new project. I will use this thread for any further updates on the 1973's sale.
  14. Tragic news. 11/2019: I was entering my neighborhood, slowing down from 45mph and turning left. I cut my wheel 90 degrees directly on top of a 2 inch pile of sand and skidded into a guardrail at 10-15mph. I will be pulling my motor and drivetrain and selling this poor 240z on ebay within a month or two. She is definitely repairable but beyond my abilities.
  15. Jason240z, it's the previous version, I bought this less than a month before the new style was released.
  16. I just finished my taxes, so it's time for an update! I'm absolutely LOVING the Mikuni 44s! I need to schedule some dyno tuning this summer with Jeff Winter. Here's a video clip from the SU dyno runs I mentioned before. Sadly, they wouldn't let me touch the engine bay between runs. IIRC the numbers were right around 140whp/tq at 6000 feet.
  17. Yesterday I took a 14 hour round trip drive through the San Juan national forest to pick up this 73. Fairly solid but has some frame rail rust.
  18. I still need to sort out linkage, fuel rail, and initial jetting.
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