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  1. Will a 280zxt exhaust fit onto a 280z with a L28ET? if not, does anyone know of a good source rather than having a shop make a custom one?
  2. There's a 280z 2+2 over at my local junkyard and it has nice black seats in great condition, and they're only $25 each. I'm wondering if they'll bolt right up inside my coupe without issues.
  3. Yeah, I had read it, but I was wondering if I could just connect it directly in the engine bay where the temp sensor connects near the water neck.
  4. I can't get 200 miles >_< tank maxes out at 12 gallons and I usually see 180
  5. could I do the same thing but mount it inside the engine bay instead(between the wires that connect to the wts) and have the same results?
  6. well, my spark plugs are white which I assume is a lean condition. would this rule out that it has turbo injectors or is there another way to know? also, how do you go about wiring up the potentiometer to the CTS? I've never played with one before. and I've been getting 15mpg every tank mixing street/highway and 17mpg on the freeway only
  7. Just found out my engine wasn't stock, and someone had put in a L28ET and attached all other parts from the 280z. I'm wondering what can I do to try and help my fuel economy currently(getting 15mpg no matter how I drive). I understand the low compression isn't great for N/A, but I can't afford to convert all the way to turbo currently. Is there a different way to set my timing, AFM adjustment, or even my valve lash to help until I get the other parts together?
  8. thanks, that's a good start for me to read. and hopefully not too spendy, I'd just like a 6-7psi boost.
  9. just checked, and they are dished. this is kind of exciting. now I need to find out what I need to install the rest of the turbo into my car
  10. the head has P90 stamped on it, and I just gave it a valve adjustment a couple weeks ago. could I feel inside with a small screwdriver and feel for a dip?
  11. Are flat top pistons obvious vs dished to tell apart?
  12. haha, that's hilarious well, i'm pretty excited right now. didn't know I had a 280zx engine. I just need to find out if the F54 has flat top pistons or not. Ill have to search for that somehow.
  13. haha, thanks google was broke for me, that's my excuse >_>
  14. just checked my engine. P90 Head F54 Block are these stock parts at all? everything else is stock, even the AFM, ECU, Dizzy
  15. ok, so since I have one in the water neck, the sensor on the side can be ignored? Tomorrow I guess I'll have to go over my engine and check the numbers to see exactly what I have. what are the differences between the stock 280z head and a 280zx head?