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  1. Zup ... this is what I needed. Thanks so much. Bill
  2. My 73 Z came to me w/o a speedometer cable. I have one to install but am not sure of the routing. Not sure how to bring it up to firewall from transmission and thru which firewall hole it passes to reach the speedometer. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  3. OK. That was easy enough. I had been trying to everything but a straight pull. Thanks. Sending dash off to Just Dashes. Bill
  4. I have removed the dash and removed all gauges/connections. The only thing I can't remove is the knob/cable that runs to the speedometer for the trip meter mileage reset. Can't remove the plastic knob that is on the underside of the dash that would allow the cable to be free to be removed. Any help/suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Bill.
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