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  1. the first one is disgraceful, and it is a 240! The second is not too bad, i dont like the wide body thats for sure!
  2. Alansz

    Update on my Z

    With respect to the reversing light issue, do the wires go up the channel towards the back of the car, or somewhere else? my reversing light was disconnected, unfortunately it is covered in tar so it looks like i will need a new one. Why do the po do this? any reason?
  3. Looks like i figured it out, it was the alarm after all thanks EScalon. When i disconnected the alram they started working again. It is either that or i took the switch of and flicked with my fingers, not the indicator stalk, maybe it wasn't going far enough or something. But i think i can figure it out from here. Thanks for the help everyone
  4. Alansz

    Adelaide Z Club

    hmmm i'm not sure if i can make it tommorow noght, the internet might be the best bet
  5. ok, thanks for the help, i'll try fixing up this connection, and if that doesn't work i don't know what i'll do. Might have to take it to an auto electrician
  6. Alansz

    Adelaide Z Club

    Thanks for having me, good to (finally) meet you. how do we join?
  7. Okay, thanks for the help. I'll try the contact cleaner in the switch, or i might try and disassemble it to clean it. I will also try to connect the front indicator better by getting the female end of the plug and re wire it (so it is not just three seperate female spade connectors connected onto one male plug) and look into the alarm wiring (im not sure what to look at though)
  8. hmm.... seem I can still here the flasher unit clicking it probably wouldn't be the switch? Come to think of it i think it started around the time i got the alarm installed, cause the guy told me i had to replace the indicator bulb in the tach (but it had just been pulled out of its holder) How would i go about checking the alarm wiring? man, i wish it was just the switch so i could replace it and be done with it. Is the switch the sort of curved box on the indicator assembly?
  9. yeah, the right side works fine. I meant by they work when the alaem is on is that when you arm or disarm it the indicators flash like they should, but they don't work when you actually indicate to turn left. The way they do that sounds like it could be the switch as it is only faulty on the left side. or possibly dodgy wiring? :disappoin
  10. I am having a similar problem- the whole left side (including tach) indicators would not work, but they would when i turned on the alarm. So today i bought a new flasher unit which fixed the problem for about three seconds, then the indicators faded and have stopped working, but the flasher unit is still working cause i can hear it clicking (which i couldn't before) Does this sound like the switch?
  11. 1)new flasher unit (fix those goddamn blinkers!!) 2)Adjust tappets 3)get the back painted now i've taken of the wing 4)new exhaust (just the pipes) 5)Get reversing lights working 6)repaint interior hatch part 7)minor surface rust repairs Taking into account how lazy i am that should last me the whole year:D good luck on your list everyone!
  12. bad luck about that- you should get that one going for $20,000- that will be in there for a while methinks!
  13. I can definately see the datsun mark being the performance arm of nissan, like hsv is to holden etc...
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