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  1. she's cool. welcome aboard. agreed with "series II"... january '71-august '72 production. rear bumper syle/bumper guard style/placement rules out the '73 model year cars. production date down to the month will be on the metal plate on the driver's door jamb. no title..? model/legal year would be there. should be titled as a 1971 or a 1972...
  2. my apologies... i have to correct myself for reporting a "flawed memory" up there earlier ^^^. the repro set that i bought from MSA that dimpled when installed were REAR fitment for the '70-'72. they quite likely never had a front repro set listed. it was around that time as well, that i set aside the NOS front set which i still have but never installed. i'm still running 43 year old strips on the front guards, which show some small cracks but don't look terrible. i think if you could come with a "duplicate of OE" dimple free/high quality product that you could sell as a full set of 4 shipped for $139, you'd have a long list of interested parties including myself. again, my apology for getting the coming end and the going end confused. best ~ rob.
  3. we've had some pretty eclectic and diversified toys and tools... but actually seem to be growing more nissan centric rather than less. we just sold a supra last year that complimented the z and accomplished the 6 total seats requirement. over the last decade my wife has moved through a small collection of german sedans to end up with a q45. in the same span, my jeeps have become an armada, and now her preference to fill the space left by the supra is either a Z with 4 seats or an old school Japanese station wagon. neither seem to be all that easy to come by right now... but i figure the car we're supposed to meet will show up in time. we looked at a late 300zx 2+2 over the weekend that i thought would interest her more than me. turned out i actually liked it better than she did, but not a must have. still lookin'.
  4. MSA has repro vertical guard strips for the '70-'72, and OE horizontal bumper strips available for those cars as well. the problem with their repro vertical guard strips is quality. when you tighten the nuts on the back of the guard enough to secure the rubber, there are notable dimples in the face of the rubber from the studs. they needed to use a bigger internal stud "head", a barely flexible layer (metal?) in their sandwich, or better compound of rubber. maybe a combination thereof. i'd be in for all 4 vertical strips ('70-'72 type) if they install dimple free, appear as original, and fall into a fairly reasonable price group. might be too much to ask. i also have a NOS nissan front set hanging around, but i'd be more likely to sell them than install them with what the last couple sets sold on eBay have brought. as far as i know... none of the '73 rubbers are available in either OE or repo.
  5. glad to hear some progress has been made without much pain. just a couple quick thoughts... 1. "carb rebuild"... absolutely. clean slate from the start will save you a bunch of time figuring out you need to rebuild the carbs. 2. "and electrical fuel pump"... definitely added when the carbs were. should be able to match to something similar at any decent parts outlet or online. 3. "upholstery"... blue velour wasn't original. would have been black vinyl like the door panels. the Motorsport kit is available (foam too if you need it) and fits great 4. "a/c"... all would have been dealer installed parts. is the system all there? it's definitely not all in place. parts may be tough to find. 5. "brakes"... easy stuff with readily available parts. and... the wiring. some of that aftermarket wiring will be related to the electric fuel pump, some to the stereo, and some to the A/C. all non-factory parts. may not be too much of a mess after you isolate those routes.
  6. seems like a pretty nice car... but an upholstery kit and a respray of the rear panel would be high on the to do list.
  7. wellll... i just used half (or more) of the ca$h i could have bought another z with to pay off what was left on the loan on my armada... so i MAY still be interested, but now i'm not only looking for a pretty specific car ~ but also for a bargain.
  8. four kids... one wife. (thankfully only one). seat math: one 240z + one S30 2+2 and everyone can get... wherever... without putting the key in the ignition of the armada. basically a toy car for the wife, just one that keeps us from having to exclude any small people on z-days.
  9. if the one in Vegas was closer OR a stick... it might be a good starting point. red would actually be low on my personal preference list too. so i think the trifecta knocks that one out for me. for that price, it would have to be exactly what i want, and an easy road trip away. thanks steve... actually ~ we're STILL splitting our time working in PA and renovating in NC, so the move is still in progress. hoping to make to actual transition next summer... pending decent employment x2 in NC.
  10. actually... i JUST posted that i was looking for an S30 2+2... but... i can't drive an automatic.
  11. looking to possibly expand the fleet with an S30 2+2... muSt be a manual ttransmission and with very little rust. bonus if it's east of the mississippi... bigger bonus for an early 260z, but all '74-'78 cars would be considered. any leads appreciated. thanks ~ rob.
  12. it's almost my twin... except that mine doesn't have a hole in the roof... and has near perfect seats and door panels... and a steering wheel (or two, an OE "wood" and a compe replica) that suit the car better... and a better detailed engine bay... and an OE radio (again, or two, the scanning AM and a '73 AM/FM installed). usually when you see multiple bids by the same bidder they were trying to nudge their way up to the seller's reserve, though i have no idea in this particular case. does seem like strong money for the car... but ~ stranger things have happened.
  13. the sill length for all the 2 seat S30 coupés is the same, but (for the US market cars at least) the sill plates from '69-76 have the DATSUN stamp in the center of the sill, and the late ('77-'78 model) sills lose the embossed DATSUN and have extra mounting holes. this may or may not apply in your market, but as a starting point... hopefully helpful. if your '77 had no embossed DATSUN in the original sills, you'll be able to use the earlier version from any 2 place coupé, but you'll find yourself with a couple of left over screws. best ~ rob.
  14. would the be the "correct" 4-speed for a 3/71 production car..? i thought this was the 1969-12/70 production transmission. quite possible that i'm mistaken, but wanted to throw it out there. best ~ rob.
  15. beautiful car. welcome to the fold. which 5-speed did you capture?
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