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  1. Carl; Thanks for the quick response. That makes sense. Do you know if the thread is m8-1.0 or m8-1.25? Alan
  2. I am looking for a definitive answer on the size of the bolts that fasten the lower edge of the front fender to the rocker panel front. Some people indicate that the bolt should be a 12mm head but also an m8-?? thread (either 1.0 or 1.25). I can find m8-1.25 stainless or zinc-plated bolts but they have 13mm heads. I can't find any bolt with a 12mm head. The ones on my car have been hacked by replacement with a self-tapping bolt so matching that is not on. It's a small detail, but I would like to get it right if possible. The original part number is 08360-81610 but I can't find a spec for that
  3. Does anyone know a source for replacement defrost hoses for 1970-73 Z? These are the ones that run from the heater box to the vent at the top of the dashboard.
  4. I am just starting restoration on the seats in my '72. I am looking for input on various seat foam and upholstery kits that people have used (that is, from different sources).
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