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  1. I have no tap on mine, but mine's a '73. Maybe the earlier ones did. We had the 240z nd 260z, but no 280z unless privately imported. By the way, for us Aussies it's zed, not zee
  2. Gee

    New book?

    The reason I posted the Amazon link to the Project X book was because it was the easiest photo I could find. I accidently stumbled across it when I typed "datsun" into the computer in my local Borders bookshop - as you can imagine I was a little stunned when it came up! So has anyone ever bothered to compile a list of Z book over and above the usual 1 page mention in a "Best of Classic Cars" type compilation? Maybe Alan and Carl could join forces on this one? Thanks for your long and in-depth answers BTW, without you two CZC's would be a far less interesting/knowledgeable place. Do you have an
  3. Gee

    New book?

    Anyone know if this is a new book, or the old one(s) reprinted?? http://www.pitstop.net.au/pitstop/prog/OpenDocument.cgi?id=V0X7S13PUM&PLU=17726 Also keen to know if anyone has read this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1569709572/104-5948290-1419134?v=glance&n=283155
  4. The tricky bit is locking off the fan to stop it from turning whilst you're removing the nuts that hold it to the pump. Once you've changed a water pump on a mini, all else looks VERY easy!
  5. Whilst waiting for an answer I bought a new one anywayROFL I did noticed that the impeller was different to the old one - 8 blades instead of 6. In addition, they were slightly more aggressively profiled. Now all I've got to do is stop the fan belt from squealing.. argh!
  6. My water pump croaked yesterday and a friend has offered me a second hand one of a 4cyl L18. Does anyone know if they're the same as an L24 pump?
  7. I wouldn't be able to name 10 cars, but I would have thought the R32 Godzillas that appeared at Bathurst some years ago would be up amongst that list somewhere. They were winning so easily they were banned.. Alan, I'd be interested in learning more about the cars you mentioned as well.
  8. Be thankful they only complain.. ..one of my "friendly" neighbours decided to key my car on Australia Day (now THAT'S un-Australian) - only days after I got it back from the panel shop. What makes it worse is that I only got it back on the Friday, having spent $$ on getting little bits here and there on the body attended to. Now I have a lovely foot long scar on the passenger side. I know who did it too, but I've got no proof. I don't do burnouts or make any noise, he just doesn't like me.
  9. Congratulations..it must feel like driving a whole new car. I know it did when I went from auto to manual. I expect to see you hammering 'round the GC in no time!
  10. Sadly I don't have one lying around, otherwise you could have had it. Have you tried Alan Stean? He has heaps of those bits lying around and since he has had much to do with rallying 240k's, he would know exactly what fits and what doesn't.
  11. Pah! I busted my arm on Tuesday and had to drive home.. in the z!! At that moment I really wished for power steering..
  12. It would certainly make for an interesting article, however I wonder if such a magazine will give it the space it deserves. That said, if they're willing to give multi-issue coverage to an SLE Commodore, I could be presently surprised!!
  13. It'll get REALLY interesting when Allan and the other Z Anoraks get involved!! I mean that in the kindest way...
  14. Go Rick! Maybe we'll get a z article printed outlining the "true" history.. So can you give us a brief run-down of the letter?
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