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  1. I'm driving up there on the 16th do do some work on the house. Perhaps I'll apply your suggestions and try to get it running. Wonder if the old gas in the tank is a problem? Maybe I should get my girl to film it all and post to youtube, for a laugh if nothing else...
  2. Good info. Thanks. What's ATF?
  3. . It would be nice to find it a good home. My dad used to tease me when we talked on the phone, that he could hear it crying out in the garage late at night. He knew how much I loved it back in the day.
  4. Mmmmm.. actually, I don't think you can sell a car in CA unless it's registered.
  5. Well, I wasn't trolling for buyers. Not yet anyway :-) I'm looking again at dmv.ca.gov and, if I'm reading it right, it looks like the fine is only $100.00 and registration fee would be 160% for that year. If that's true, then I could get away cheap. Maybe it's time to dig up the pink and take a trip down town.
  6. Problem is legally selling it so I'm free of liability. I guess I need to find out if the fees and fines will be more than the car is worth.
  7. edit - that should be non non-op... When I moved to So Cal from Martinez I parked the Z in my dad's garage and it's been there ever since, non-op. My dad passed away last year and I'm getting ready to sell the house and need to decide what to do with the car, problem being that I don't want to pay 15 years of DMV fees for the non-op. The car looked and ran fair, but at this point I'm about ready to give it to an auto wrecker just to be rid of it. any suggestions? thanks Mike
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