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    1972 240Z (HLS3095312). Numbers matching, white exterior, red interior. Just bought it in late April 2012 for my son and I to work on resto/refresh.
  1. Hi folks, I am a new Z owner (1972), and looking forward to refreshing/restoring this beautiful car. She currently runs OK, but could be better. I am, by no means, a great mechanic, but it appears that there are plenty of helpful folks in this forum. One of the previous owners of this car installed a CR PRO/FUEL adjustable pressure regulator downstream of the fuel pump, prior to the carbs. It is set on 4.5 (I assume this means 4.5 psi). I am not sure of the need for this fuel pressure regulator. I have read many complimentary comments on Z-Therapy's work in refurbishing the dual SUs, so I am planning to take that route. If the carbs are rebuilt/balanced, have any of you had the need for such a fuel pressure regulator? Should I be concerned about the fuel pump? I suppose I could easily remove the regulator to see how she runs. Any comments on this aftermarket piece would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve