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    Currently own a Australian spec 1977 260Z Coupe and over twenty five years ago, I previously owned a '77 260Z 2+2. Both cars 5 speed.
  1. Hi there, Just wondering if someone could tell me about how to go about obtaining upper and lower R/H side door hinges for my car. It is an Aussie '77 260 coupe which I believe is the same as your 280Z body shell. Someone over here in Perth thought that there was a place/workshop in the USA where someone reconditioned/overhauled Z door hinges? I cannot find any leads on the 'net... Any help/advice appreciated, Regards, Rod.
  2. Hi there, my name is Rod and I am new to this forum/site. Recently purchased a '77 Oz 260 coupe 5spd and need to give the car a little TLC. The Tie Rod Ends(outer) need replacing and I was wondering if someone could please give me some advice regarding the different brands available in the U.S. Are there any differences in the quality of the aftermarket brands - for example Moog versus CTR etc; Any help would be appreciated. Cheers and thanks, Rod.
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