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  1. Trying to replace the Coil Springs and shocks on my 83 ZX. I'd like to keep a stock ride height. Having trouble finding the spring. Anybody know who makes a spring for the car that will keep the ride height stock and maybe stiffen it up a bit. I don't want to lower the car.
  2. What do you use on your Dashboard to keep it from cracking?
  3. What would you use to inflate the Spare on a ZX? The rubber on mine looks good but I'm assuming the can that came with it from Datsun is not. Also, are there still inflatable spares like that available today?
  4. Thanks for the quick replies!!! I think I understand now.
  5. Wouldn't the sensor light go out after it had been serviced? If you leave it unplugged, how would you know that it needed servicing again after 60,000 miles? Not sure I understand why you would leave it unplugged indefinitely.
  6. On my 83 ZX, I found a wire unplugged under the dash just below the clove box. I plugged it in and the Sensor Light on the dash came on and stays on. I'm guessing the previous owner got tired of looking at and didn't fix whatever was wrong. Anyone know what the Sensor Light on the dash means?