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    1985 - 1971 240z - stripped the reverse idler gear and sold it
    2000 - 1977 280z - drove it for years, then sold it when I moved
    2011 - 1970 240z - Tweety Bird
  1. Yep, I guess Mercedes had this engine. "Mechanical fuel injection..." 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Alloy Gullwing Thanks!
  2. Sadly true. I like owning the classics. 350/370 look like a toad. I think Datsun got their original L24 inline-6 from BMW or maybe Porsche design. I forget. How about a 4.4L inline-6, Nissan?
  3. Switching from inline 6 N/A to twin turbo V-6 may be enough to lose her soul. Consider the effect of the superb harmonics of an inline-6. May as well electric assist on acceleration! Much more torque! Anyways, I would hope that NISMO offer options on rear differentials...411 or BUST! There ain't no acceleration limit, officer...
  4. I bought it maybe 2 years ago, from a guy on the la craigslist. He had been involved in racing for years and had it sitting on his shelf. One of 80 made in an R200. We took a look and sure enough its the worm gears.
  5. full disclosure: a seventh of a dime paint chip with surface rust on the edge of the right front wheel well an eleventh of a dime paint chip with surface rust on the side edge of the drivers door It is missing the ashtray, since I threw it away in an attempt to quit smoking. It did not realize at the time, but you can't find them anywhere and they run $450 when you do. Downshifting from 3rd to 2nd can get a little noisy, unless your below 2300. I tried a little throttle, but I couldn't find it. The gas gage shows about a 1/4 tank when she runs dry. she likes to go a little sideways in the tight turns, but throttle the gleason around it for a little oversteer assist. The outside tire does all the chirping, not the inside tire.
  6. I heard that ISKCON of Denver ended up with ownership of the car and so this is a charity auction, to enrich their efforts to feed and educate whomever is inspired.
  7. It USED to be my car, but no longer, so this is NOT an advert for the sale of my car. Datsun : Z-Series 240Z in Datsun | eBay Motors rob
  8. Was the series 1 ashtray already mentioned?
  9. Drove up to Breckenridge and back. Running solid, even at altitude. Ordered headlight and parking light harnesses, since my relays are corroded. I aim to eliminate problems, not mediate them until a future time.
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