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  1. From that thread, Av8ferg says: [It’s a flat plate that the dash frame has to be lifted over. The dash comes out easier if you rock the bottom upwards towards tje windshield and the up and out . ] Which may be my issue. So in reverse, dash down and in, from the windshield; then rock the bottom downwards, as in like rotate it in longitudinally (no, the correct term is pitch). When I’m able to get my assistant to join me again, we’ll try that. Thanks!
  2. Oh yeah, loads of fun! @&*%#!! i got the speedo cable threaded into place by pulling in some slack from the speedo cable in from the engine bay. I had previously removed the 4 12mm bolts holding the steering column up to the plate by the ignition switch. Today I removed the other 4 10mm bolts holding the steering column at the firewall and dropped it down further. I have 7 wires to the left of the steering column by the door. From Figure VI-1::: (1, 2 & 3 for the Horn Relay; 4 & 5 for the door switch; 43 & 44 for brake lite switch, which I had extended a couple of inches with solder butt connectors). All other steering column wiring sub-harness wires are to the right of the steering column, above the flat plate. I still cannot get the dash to seat so I can bolt her in. Very frustrating trying to wiggle it into place. I am also damaging the dash on the sides, as I try to get her to seat. 😞 There is a flat section under the dash where the mount for climate control vent to eye balls goes. And the flat plate of the dash that sits atop the steering column bolt plate. Wires seem to be out of the way. The fulcrum which seems to be hanging is at the steering column. Any other suggestions? TIA!
  3. I found slack in the speedo cable, in the engine bay and fed some in. This allowed me to get the speedo cable plugged in and threaded into place. So I am good with that.
  4. I got the dash part way in and got the speedo cable connected. I can’t get her to sit down right.
  5. I am so aggravated trying to reinstall the dash! I can’t get the speedo cable plugged into the speedo gauge! In the process I’ve damaged the dash and tore some of the wiring I added. It’s back on my kitchen table for needed repairs. 😞 😞 😞
  6. That’s interesting. Does it have a USB slot in the front?
  7. How difficult is it to add an aftermarket radio with antenna {power & lead}, left/right channels, front/back fade & power?
  8. Ja, I have the 2 3-pin connectors identified on my harness, matching the 2 3-pin connectors on Figure VI-2 from the FSM. One 3-pin connector is a 2.8 mm non-latching connector with {WB, W & L} for the radio, while the other is a 6.3 mm latching 3-pin connector with {L, LR & LW} for the antenna switch.
  9. Huh! I don’t have a radio so…thanks! I ran the <a/c compressor> wire into the engine bay, zip tied to the engine bay harness connectors. However, I wasn’t able to unbolt the heater control valve (one of those mount bolts was really stuck!). I’ll put the dash in without the blower, leaving the vent control cable unattached, and take the car to my mechanic to sort out. I’m ready to put the dash back in, now! Wish me luck!
  10. Alright, I’ve installed a blue wire to bring the A/C compressor power over to the engine bay harness connectors from the A/C Control Panel. So my A/C circuit is <20A fused power> to <fan switch> to <a/c toggle> to <thermostat> to <Blue> wire to engine bay. My dash is done! I replaced my <brake lite switch>. I still need to replace my heater control valve, then I can reinstall my dash, with fingers crossed. I ran across a connector in this picture, under drivers side. Can anyone tell me what it is for and where it goes? Please! Thanks!
  11. These definitely help! Thanks! Any more scans would help too. Looking at the wiring diagram in Scan 2, it does go from the fan switch (Heater Blower Switch) to the A/C toggle to the thermostat. Like my first alternate scenario above. I tested the mini harness/fan switch and power on the red lead to the fan switch turned on (low/medium/high) results in continuity to the blue wire. So that would power to the a/c toggle. Awesome!
  12. Yes I’m going to take a kleine pause. Thanks.
  13. I am starting to get ticked off that there aren’t clear instructions on how to hook up A/C and the mini-harness. I’ve had folks tell me it just plugs into the existing harness. HOW? I am this close to saying **** it. I’m staying up thinking and testing. I’m losing precious sleep over this GD thing! I’m waking up at 4 AM about this POS! But I still need to hook up the mini-harness somehow - that damn 3-pin female connector! Arg! I’ve lost my patience with this! F***!!
  14. Yet the harness is supposed to support A/C. The only mention of A/C in the FSM is In Figure VI-1 from the FSM (attached) the <Blue> solo wire on the mini-harness is listed in the Legend as Item 54 “Air Conditioner Power Source” as a <Blue> wire. Does that wire A) accept voltage in to send to the compressor or is it voltage out to separately send to the compressor? What does “Source” mean? If it is A, then the 3-pin connector with a <Blue/White> wire must send voltage to the engine bay but I am confused where the 3-pin female connector plugs in at the center console sub-harness. It is not specified on Figure VI-1. This sub-harness has 2 3-pin male connectors, 1 for the fuse cover and 1 for the radio. I cannot find another 3-pin male connector. In Figure VI-2 the top connector is for the radio with colors {<White/Black>, <White> & <Blue>}. The lower connector is for the “Rear window electric defroster switch {<Blue>, <Red/Black> & <Black>} so connects to the fuse cover panel. I am totally confused and flummoxed about how all this hooks up. Sigh.
  15. OMG! I am so totally confused with the center console sub-harness and the blower mini-harness and the correct A/C wiring! I’m tearing my hair out! There are so many solo wires and seems missing connectors. Figure VI-1 lists a center console connector defrost but it is not in the car. Red wires and Blue wires abound. The mini-harness is so complicated I cannot gain any assistance for what connectors go where so I am flying totally blind. I don’t know what to do. I am completely flummoxed.
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