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  1. What about using 2 SUs feeding the N47 head on a 3.1L stroked N42 block? What’s the negative effect? Falls short of full power?
  2. I have a N42 block. I also have a LD28 crank. And an N47 head. I have read that a N42 head is best on a 3.1L stroker, but I do not know why. Could a N47 head be used on the stroker block? Any issues? Regards, Robert
  3. You’re too kind, I appreciate you. That’s good the car drives pretty good! I’m hoping mine will to. I’m not sure it’s bad though. I think that transmission will work great with my L24, andso for a time I’ll simply drive. As far as differentials, you wouldn’t happen to have a 4.11 R200 you’d be willing to part with do you? I figure Freeze 12 will do the trick for me. No worries!
  4. Seems if I could assume R-12, even if R-134a, just use Freeze 12 and rest from all this activity.
  5. Well no refund possible on the 63A. I’ll run it in my Z behind my L24. Guy says he ran it in race cars, @ 300+ lb.ft… I don’t know. If after treating the rust and looking at an engine, I may need to opt for the 71C and sell the 63A. On A/C, if it happens to have fittings for R-134a, can I still run Freeze 12, not knowing? Or do I need to know which? How to find out? Caveat emptor! I ran into these purchases without knowing. Shame on me.
  6. How much of a pain to convert a possible R-12 to R-134a? $30 fittings?
  7. Thanks for your comment! I just spoke to Vintage Air out of San Antonio, TX. They seem to be the goto aftermarket A/C vendor. I’ve seen many videos on installing the VA Gen II Mini into the Zeds. The rep I spoke to suggested the Gen II Compac as the refrigerant lines and heater hoses come out the top of the Compac, whereas the Mini they come out the bottom and hang below the dash. 1.3k - 1.8k for the system then my labor or paid labor. Your 2k estimate was good. The A/C kit I’m currently signed up for is a dealer installed system which may well be R-12 you spoke of. Do you think I should go with the aftermarket solution? Thanks, Robert
  8. I see. Thanks! The 63A is rated for 175 lb.ft of Torque, whereas the FS5W71C is rated for 300 lb.ft. I’ll need a transmission that will handle a stroked L28. I’m attempting to return the 63A dogleg transmission for a refund. Looking for an FS5W71C or perhaps a Borg-Warner T-5 that would fit my L-series engine.
  9. Thank you for this information. Your first link says this about the 63A dogleg transmission: [The main and counter shafts are spaced 63mm apart, the same as the stock 510 4-speed, but the counter shaft Is better supported front and back by much larger tapered roller bearings. because of this the dogleg is beller able lo handle hipher power compared to the stock 4-speed] Your second article states: [63-Series Transmission large trans commonly used with L-series engines, a version was also fitted to A-series engines in B210s. Overkill for the A-series engines, strong enough for supercharged A15 The 5-speed version is a "dogleg" shifter. Fitted to North American B210 5-speed hatchbacks from 1976-1/2 through 1978 model years, and starting in 1977 for Canada] Sounds pretty good to me. Could it handle 400 - 500 Nm of Torque? Kindly, Robert
  10. Why was the transmission manufactured with an L-series bellhousing, then? What aspect of the design is insufficient for the needs of a 6 cylinder engine? Kindly Robert
  11. Get some hobby cards made…
  12. I completely agree with you. It is an ego thing. I’m a sinner! Allah & Ummah forgive me!
  13. Hello akhiya, [So you join a forum and proceed to scorn a portion of its members without knowing who you insult or anything about them? This is evidently born out because at one point you and/or your siblings were homeless, and you felt someone should have done more? ] Not at all, you misunderstand me, my friend. My comments were in no way directed towards anyone in this community. I had said: [[People are more concerned with stray animals than they are with stray people.]] This was a very general societal comment. When I see an animal rescue advertisement, I think “I wish that same level of empathy & compassion existed towards the homeless, not just the offense of their existing. How much of folks’ donations are payment towards creating such a commercial and running it?” Then I said: [Hypocrites claiming to be Christians, when they help themselves before they would ever help the poor. I feel nothing short of contempt.] Again not directed at any of you, here. I do not know any of you. Hi. I flashed you with my feeling how many churches are more focused on stopping what they deem is bad behavior rather than significantly affecting the poor & homeless with intradependent housing on the many church grounds. Hey! I I like to smoke cannabis as my choice of medication for my ailments, and King David was bisexual with Jonathan <1 Samuel 18 & 20>. I’ve even had a church trespass me for expressing those views in Bible Study. As I&I said, contempt. [Although I doubt most of the membership here was in a position to help. Also unless someone knows the homeless person, throwing money at the situation is unlikely to help as many times there are substance issues involved.] I was able to encourage my Dad to start giving the homeless a dollar or three. As we discussed, even were they going to spend the money on drugs, in the light that they likely suffer some mental injuries, anything I can do to give them a little time in heaven that day. We we have spread a little blessing and the recipient is so grateful, don’t you know? I&I think so. [I know for a fact in my area there are people on the street because they refuse to go to the shelter I have supported because they won't follow the rules. Thats a choice] I would hope the rules center around harm reduction than abstinence. More Protestant than Catholic. With a housing first objective. And those places often have bedbugs. Disease Central. Less rules does not mean worse behavior. Hell, give small pods of they a lot somewhere, and help them build a camp! I hope & pray y’all don’t kick me out of the Datsun Z Restorers Club for all of this. I just became a member! Kindly, Robert
  14. In this sense: contempt <noun> - the feeling that a person is deserving scorn.
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