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  1. The BRZ will easily outrun and outhandle your old Z, but it will never outclass it. I had my scuffy '72 out today doing a couple of errands, and as always it got a lot of looks. It is still thrilling to drive...the smell of gas and exhaust (all REAL sports cars have that), the exhaust note, the mildly stiff ride, and the better-than-average acceleration. I'm going to upgrade the diff., install a 5 speed, and repaint it. Old Zs are a blast for numerous reasons...new sports cars just don't have the same mystique, and you can't fix them or tune them yourself.
  2. Many of the cars on this list provided styling cues for the 240Z...the Jag E-Type, the Aston Martin DB5, and the Ferrari 250. All have "sugar scoop" headlights, long sculpted hoods, and similar rooflines. I can see more of the Ferrari in theZ than any of the others. Comments? http://autos.yahoo.com/news/the-10-most-beautiful-cars-of-all-time.html
  3. If this is in the wrong place, then EXCUSE ME! (with apologies to Steve Martin). I saw this on Ebay and it was so cool I felt I had to share it with you guys. I had never seen one of these before (and must admit it's pretty funky looking...the later Fairladys were much better looking). It has serial number 4 and might have been the first one imported to the US. I have added a couple of photos because once something expires on Ebay, the link is dead after a couple of weeks and then anyone who opens this after that time won't see anything. BTW, this car was the subject of a Hemmings Motor News article that is inside the link (plus some great additional info). It's being sold by Walter Miller, the famous seller of automotive literature. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1961-Datsun-Fairlady-SPL213-1200-Roadster-FIRST-ONE-EXISTENCE-/370620524114?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item564ab46652
  4. G-Knot...I'm gathering the pieces for the exhaust switch. I just bought the last 4 ( ! ) original 240Z exhaust straps left in Nissan USA's parts system (part number 20636-N4600), so I'm a little closer to putting it on. The straps weren't cheap, but the money was well spent. I'll be shipping the down pipe to Jet Hot Coating in OKC sometime later this month and will let you know how it turns out and take before and after photos. I did a visual inspection of the exhaust manifold and discovered one of the studs is busted off, so I may have to pull the head to get the stud remains drilled out at a machine shop (great time to clean up the carbs and intake area). Your '70 project sounds like great fun, and it should be a real performer with the upgrades you're planning. Sounds like you got a great deal on the package! Keep us all posted on the progress. Best regards
  5. Wow...beautiful code 110 car! Any history or documents with it? I'm a purist, so I cast my vote with Carl to keep it a survivor. Also, I'm interested in the louvers.
  6. Matt: Read your blog and really enjoyed it. Looking forward the the next installment.
  7. Fantastic collection...I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Olzed...it appears to be very solid...no appearance of rust. Once it's hooked up I'll know what cond. it's REALLY in. Keith...good to see you on here. You'll have to stop by for a beer the next time you're on the east side of Columbus. Do you ever attend any of the ZROC club events? BTW...Olzed, you're welcome to stop by for a beer, too!
  9. Hey Guy...I happened to find an online article about you and your 3 240Zs (see attached link...great reading). I may take you up on that exhaust...does it still have the Nichira muffler and resonator? http://www.viczcar.com/member-rides/guy-miller-and-his-3-early-240zs
  10. Hey Guys...I was on Craigslist a month ago looking for "Original 240Z exhaust" and struck paydirt. I found an original exhaust from a '73 240Z from the LA area for $120. The seller was a young guy who had recently purchased the 48k mile car from the original owner. It had been sitting for a long time and the son and his dad got the car running with a few evenings of work, and then decided to go with a sportier-sounding exhaust and other engine upgrades. I bought it through Paypal and had it shipped by Greyhound bus to Columbus, OH (cost approx. $100). The exhaust is in incredible condition and has the Nichira muffler and resonator (both still have most of their original black paint). The exhaust hangers and clamps are still with it, and they use 14mm nuts (not very rusty and still have turnable nuts). The resonator has the part number 20100-N3350, and the muffler is a 20100-N3300 (both correct according to the factory parts fiche). The rear hanger is riveted, not bolted together. My car still has most of its original hangers, and they are still in pretty good shape due to its Calif. origins. My plan is to keep my original 240 completely stock...this exhaust goes a long way towards that goal. Best regards, Alex from Ohio
  11. I only have the "before" photos...working on the post-divorce budget (some of you may know about that...hopefully not many), so the paint and engine freshening will have to wait a couple more years. My beat-up 92k mile survivor still runs great and has lots of patina...I'm almost tempted to leave it as-is. The next step in the refreshening will be the exhaust...I'm working on a deal to buy an original Nichira exhaust from a guy in Calif...I like originality (the near-perfect header pipe is from Earthcruiser's silver '71...thank's Rod Timby). BTW, next year's cash will go for my wedding in Vegas or Clearwater...the future "head-of-the-war-dept", my fiancee Susan...she doesn't seem to mind my "old car nonsense" (what the ex-wife called this hobby). The 2nd photo was taken last night on the 1st anniversary of our 1st date. This is a great thread...Best regards to all
  12. Tamo3 and Carl...wow, that IS the seat! I think it could easily be duplicated if any of you out there were so inclined. I'm willing to take pictures of the metal mounting pieces if anyone is interested. An upholstery shop could easily cover the wood pieces.
  13. The pup is Sassy (rhymes with "pain in the ..."). I bought her 2 years ago for my 13 year-old daughter, and the dog was supposed to go to my place 6 nights, and her mother's place the remaining 8 nights of each 2 week period. After Sassy relieved herself once on the exes' fancy carpet, I was told Sassy was mine all the time. She's a great co-pilot when tooling around in the Z and helped introduce (lure in) my fiancee. The driftwood was found during a trip "creeking" with my daughter. The back seat is actually useable for the 3 block trip to DQ (I take back streets) if Chloe scrunches in sideways...only used when she wants to take one of her gal pals there.
  14. Mike...I will donate some cash. I have been on here for a year and have gradually become hooked. Give the newbies the first year for free, then a modest donation. I pay 20 bucks a year to my local Z club and get way more benefit (and satisfaction) out of this. BTW...thanks for putting this site together and maintaining it...I'm sure it is a real headache generator (but worth it). Best regards, Alex from Ohio
  15. Bonzi...I paid $42 here in Ohio for one year. I could buy the "antique" plate, but the cops will stop you frequently...not worth the hassle. My '72 was sold new in Calif. and I still have its first registration (1st owner saved every scrap of paperwork...even its first smog cert)...it was only $11 for one year back then.
  16. Julio...so what was the bottom line on price? I'm surprised a Calif. Z was rusty...I thought all of them out there were solid. If it was a manual (I'm assuming yes), you can pick up a used one for a couple hundred bucks and its installation can be used as a "teachable moment" . Best regards
  17. Arne...there is a manufacturer's name on the underside of the lower cushion: "Del Mar Mfg., Box 281, Scottsdale Ariz." (barely visible at the top of the 2nd photo). I read your blog about your yellow and red 240s...excellent info for all on here. I had pondered upgrading my suspension with stiffer springs and shocks, but now will probably keep the original springs and go with Gabriel struts after reading about your travails. In 40 years my 92k mile Z has only sagged about 1/2 an inch at all 4 wheels, so the original springs are still good. Thanks for staying on here after selling your red Z...is there another 240 in your future?
  18. Hey Guys...I was at a get-together with my Z club a couple of weekends ago and one of the members who's very familiar with 240s (been to many shows for many years) said he has never seen another Z with a backseat like the one in mine. My '72's original owner was an Air Force officer who had a 5 year-old son at the time he bought the car. He bought an optional backseat so he could take his wife and son for drives. The seat is made of plywood with a vinyl and foam covering, and consists of two portions. The lower cushion justs lifts out (no hardware), and the upper cushion is fastened with nuts to the upper shock towers, and also screwed into two of the holes that originally held the forward halves of the luggage straps. It's well made and still in good shape. It's a great place for the Yorkie (see photos) to ride. BTW, the drift wood visible in one photo is there because I read these cars are popular for drifting...I haven't noticed much of a difference since putting the wood in the car, though :sick:.
  19. Arne: We always get interesting info from you. I have a couple of early Z questions I want to post on here...I'll take a couple of photos and get them on here in the next day or 2. I need to check out your Z blog...is it aimed at original Zs?
  20. Hey 26th Z (and 27th...figure the odds!): My 240 was built 3/72, and 4 of its wheels are dated 2/72. The backs of the wheels are a dull silver or gray. The spare wheel (still with its orig. Toyo tire) is dated 3/72. I just asked the buyer to post the date codes of these wheels. They are located in Trinity, FL, so maybe you or Jim Frederick will end up with them? BTW...love that avatar!
  21. Hey All...saw this listing on Ebay (I regularly search for "240Z Original") and thought it was pretty cool. I'm one of those "purist idiots" who wants to keep everything on my 240 original, and thought there might be a couple of others on here with a similar mindset. My '72 still has its original skinny steel wheels and they appear to have been painted a semi-dull black from the factory. The wheel shown was wiped down with WD-40, so it appears shinier than it should. Best regards to all...Alex http://www.ebay.com/itm/240z-NEW-OEM-wheels-original-boxes-SUPER-RARE-/221013241389?hash=item33756a6e2d&item=221013241389&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr
  22. Hey Guys...thought I'd send a few photos from my club's 1st meet of the year. I'm a member of ZROC out of Columbus and meet the rest of the club 3 or 4 times per year. Most of the members have 300-370Zs...mine is one of the very few S30s in the club. We met this past Saturday when it was raining and the windchill was approx. 40 degs. (the week before we had 60s-70s...figures!). The woman is my fiancee Susan...she puts up with my old car nonsense . Best regards!
  23. The best times are when I drop off my 12 year-old daughter Chloe at her jr. high...the looks from the boys are priceless. She has a couple of girlfriends her age who like to go with us to get ice cream at the Dairy Queen. Chloe and a friend cram into the right bucket...yeah, I know, not the safest, but they wrap the lap belt around them and I drive the back streets the 3 blocks to DQ. Teens and older guys seem the most interested in it, and it gets frequent favorable remarks at the gas station. Many looks on the roads around Columbus, OH...S30s are very rare around here.
  24. Wow...fantastic wheels! I'm putting a couple of pictures from the posting on here...the link to the Ebay ad will be gone in a couple of weeks and then no one who looks on here later will know what they looked like. I wish I had a few extra grand laying around!
  25. Adam: I will take those rear louvers off your hands. PM me with a price incl shipping to zip 43147. Thanks and good luck!
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