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  1. GOT_RICE8

    engine swap

  2. GOT_RICE8

    7 inch cd touch deck

    thanks for all the input i think i might just go with a simple cd deck to save my more for performance parts and what not
  3. GOT_RICE8

    engine swap

    i have seen a few motor swaps done to my car, i have seen the L28 swap, the v8 and the gtr34 rb26det done to it and i was wondering which one is gonna give me the most output and is gonna be the most reliable after putting mods into it, the only one that i have really looked into is the swap for the rb26dett if it is the twin turbo'd one, i think it puts out like 2** something and i have seen in import magazines that motor being fully loaded and putting out close to 700 or more, and im guessing that L28 might get up to the 500's or close to that knowing that it is a bored out L26 block, and im just wondering if i am getting my facts right or something
  4. GOT_RICE8

    7 inch cd touch deck

    but i am willing to get a single din just cause i thought it would be cool to put the touch screen in there since its like an old school car and i have never had a car with touch screen
  5. GOT_RICE8

    7 inch cd touch deck

    and the sterio deck is a two din just looked that up
  6. GOT_RICE8

    7 inch cd touch deck

    its a 73 240z and i dont mind modifing the dash at all and yeah im not really all hip to the sterio lango, im also wondering if it will all plug up or if im going to have to buy some special adapters for the wiring too ?
  7. GOT_RICE8

    Datsun 240z

  8. GOT_RICE8

    7 inch cd touch deck

    i was wondering if a 7 inch cd deck would able to fit in the center console and what brand was it, if it did work.

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