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  1. unsure if I will use electric set or manual ones yet, first world problems I know haha. Posty was kind to me today. Gave up waiting for my flares from otomoto so I ordered these to get me started. needed a bonnet rod holder clip, have bidded on a few in past and finally got one. Some more rarer stuff, first one I have seen for sale It's a cassette box if your wondering, know just have to find all my cassettes and making fast work of these lights
  2. the right hand one is the Nissan colour 463 and the other one is a Honda colour. not really happy with either so I will keep hunting tomorrow
  3. uras1

    Heater tap help

    Went to my Nissan dealer today and they are always up for a mission when it comes to my orders haha. The heater tap doesn't even come up on stock here or japan so yahoo is your only option.
  4. sounds nasty, did you rebush the rear end as well?
  5. rolling is always good haha. up to body work now?
  6. brace and swaybar will help along with a good alignment
  7. looking good, front end should feel great now
  8. I got s spare pad, will take a photo and see what u think
  9. hope not, less he pulled it for the time being
  10. fender mirror controls for electric version another set of mirrors and finally
  11. picked the cards up today but forgot to take them home haha
  12. always aimed for 14's for some reason, I like the look and style. crappy mob pic+dark= made up the new lower skin, still need to finish it off but its all folded
  13. yeh I have c10~c110 manuals from varies years on cd
  14. #19 tension rod bush. whiteline~super pro sell it I'm pretty sure
  15. problem is metal treatment prior to epoxy, if this isn't done correctly is doesn't matter how much epoxy, stone guard or kill rust is on. I also wouldn't be leaving epoxy then stone guard either. Not sure what brand your using as some vary. My process is epoxy, prime, paint then stock guard.
  16. Hard haha. I'm not sure if there is a actual tool out there but I have a home made tool that lifts the edge up a little and you just work it along with a pound hammer. The door has 3 small spot welds along each side which you have to drill out. This door probably took me 30~45 mins to do. Use the same process on bonnet and guards as well.
  17. went to work today and done this welded some smaller patches in and made sure the guard still fitted haha Wasn't going to go this mad with it buy why not. will drop this to the blaster once I get some other parts back
  18. ????/??????/????FC??????????/??? - Yahoo!?????? - ????! some installation pics https://box.yahoo.co.jp/guest/viewer?sid=box-l-aivqwwwkkwxjw4g73tfw44scla-1001&uniqid=0ae6a26f-cdaa-4e2b-9c03-64bf787b1760#du%3D0ae6a26f-cdaa-4e2b-9c03-64bf787b1760%26ds%3Dbox-l-aivqwwwkkwxjw4g73tfw44scla-1001%26vt%3Dpublic%26lf%3Dlist%26ls%3D1%26lm%3D20
  19. Can run 14's with them which is the biggest reason. Minimum requirements are 14x7.5-4 which is easy, you could go skinner but would require a bolt on wheels spacer.