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  1. Ok thanks everyone for the help I think i will just try my luck again tommorow or next weekend by rotating the driveshaft (might just slide it out like Zkars said). Im going to document my 'restoration' (half restoration) and ill let everyone know how it goes. Dont have much time right now with school and all. thanks for all the help!
  2. Ok I put the back on jack stands but I am not completely sure i put it in the right place. I looked at the FSM but the pics are a little hard to see. I took a couple pics and attached them. Also what do you mean by rotating the driveline? Ive heard this before but I never understood how? :stupid: Thanks for the help everyone PS. sorry for the crappy pics.
  3. Ok thanks alot! Ill try to get in there with a normal wrench. Right now I have the back wheels on ramps and the front is on jack stands. Do you have any idea where I can place the jackstands on the rear side? That way I can get under their a little better. Would it be wise to remove some of the rear suspension components to acess the bolt easier? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I know that their are some threads on questions like this, but none of them seem to give a straight answer. Im 15 and starting to get very intrested in Z's. Ive been trying to get my engine+transmission ready for removal and ive got everything disconected except for the trans mount and the driveshaft. My question is how do I remove the drive shaft from the transmission? I didnt see any u joint clips so after some research i found the the u joints are unserviceable. How am I supposed to disconnect them? Ive been trying to unscrew the 4 bolts by the differential but they are very inaccesable. are there any other ways? Thanks for any help! Alex
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