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  1. John im somewhat surprised with this post. There were atleast 20 people there last night, including myself, and as Burk mentioned things are still very much alive. As a matter of fact I plan to help run Group Z. Anyways, I'll let yall know when we have our next event!!
  2. Hey guys I just wanted to share with yall the strokification of my s30. Here’s what’s happened thus far. Took the Datsun Parts LLC stroker to Ericks Racing Engines. There I had them disassemble the block in preparation for balancing, since I heard LLC just slapps their stuff together like that. Lone behold I find dirt under the head gasket (see attached image)!! I’m having Elias Alaniz take care of the porting. He did a baseline run of both my p90 and n42. At low lift the p90 beat the n42, but the same could not be said twards the higher numbers. Ill post a list of values so yall can
  3. Update: OK fellas! Thought to have one more meet before the year end, so collaborating with a fellow Z guy, we're planning to have an OC meet at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Fullerton. $20 ALL YOU CAN EAT with a BAD-arse selection of TOP QUALITY meats! You won't be sorry! Motivation: Details: MooDaePo Fullerton is going all out! If you've ever visited MooDaePo2 in K-Town, then you haven't seen nothing yet. MooDaePo Fullerton will be bigger, better and definitely more 'poppin.' We're talking about a 13,000 sqft. venue with more lights, music and digital bliss. Address 1841 Orangethorpe Ave, F
  4. Hey guys sorry about the long time absence!! anyways, im finally on break and ready to have some more meets happen!! This Friday 12/16, we were thinking of either having our regular meet or going to Fullerton for some kick ars Korean BBQ! leave some comments or suggestions at will. lets make this happen!!
  5. Hi guys were on for tonight (in west covina)! Well be showin up around 9ish. hope to see yall there!
  6. Just lettin yall know tonight's meet is going to be moved out to Torrance: *Torrance Cross Roads Near the In-N-Out 24445 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA‎ 90505 were going to be crashing the Socal Japanese Classic Car Meet!
  7. Meet's on for tommorow!!! We're going to be showing up around 9ish
  8. either way, so long as you make it there!
  9. oh man hopefully well be able to head out earlier!
  10. Hi guys I wanted to extend an invitation out to yall. I'm planning on heading out to Super Car Sunday this weekend from the 91789 area, though I'm going to be meeting some friends out at Irwindale Speed Way. The goal is to leave at 7am. I hope you guys will join us! Here are some vids of prior meets:
  11. Hi guys just wanted to do let yall know were gona be there again tonight!
  12. Hey guys I just found out they're having a little farmer's market/fair at our usually friday meet spot (starbucks off azusa and amar in west covina). I was talking to the event coordinators and I think I have another idea for a new meet! It's gona be held on Thursdays during the same time as the fair (anywhere from 4pm-8pm). So not only will we have our usual kick back meet, we'll have show space reserved (FREE) and also have the option of buyin some funnel cake, kick arse hotdogs, desserts, pony rides, live music, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey stuff, empanadas, and a bunch more stuff!! L
  13. lmao i quoted myself...anywhoo, posted the videooooOOoooO!!!
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