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  1. No idea what mine are other than 9J on the front, 10J on the back, are a pain in the backside to steer without power steering, and have P/S stamped on them.. Any ideas??
  2. I find the stock wheel, being wider, makes steering much easier with the 9 inch wide front wheels I have on, over my aftermarket Nardi wheel. Also, being a tall fat bloke, the extra gubbings to allow me to attach the Nardi bring it very close to me when driving, even with the seat back. Saying that, I can occasionally get leg rub with the extra width of the original wheel. Each to their own though on this one I guess!
  3. Aceman

    hand throttle

    Where did you get repro ones from? We have the hole where one should be, so like mentioned above, just looking for the rare as hen's teeth throttle lever to fill the gap. A complete repro kit would seem sensible, albeit over the top, but at the right price it would complete the look!
  4. This is possible. I did it on my RX7 using a load of leather I got from a friend who does leather interiors on private jets. Difficult to see it perfectly in this pic, but should give you an idea: Simply filled all cracks, sanded down, and stretched the leather over, sticking down with relevant adhesive. It did need some stitching over the curved area above the dials (due to being stretchy, but not quite that stretchy!!) but I was lucky having a friend who did it all. Cost around 150 of your American dollars including supply of leather, repair of dash and fitting of leather so better than a dash cap in my eyes! With the leather having a slight foam backing it is soft to the touch and makes the car look like a luxury GT rather than a cheap Japanese import!!
  5. Just so it's noted, mine (imported from California) is HLS30 24391
  6. Random blast from the past, but can I ask how you got the hatch lock open to rekey it? Our local locksmith said with it being a sealed unit he couldn't do this, but seems on here many have done! Cheers!
  7. Ok cool - he has an original set of windscreen wipers and passenger door pull (with uncracked chrome ends unlike mine!) and wanted to contact him to ask about shipping to UK, but if I can't get a hold of him then I guess I'll have to look elsewhere! Thanks for the heads up on him though - and I'll be sure to check BD & MSA in the meantime!
  8. Trying to contact this ebay seller, but he's set his ebay to not allow email so can't get a hold of him! Does anyone have a contact address for him? Seems to have thousands of z parts for sale on ebay - and I'm looking to buy some!! Cheers!!
  9. Massive help - thanks guys!! This is exactly the kind of pointers I was looking for for where to buy from people who'd bought before. Muchos thanks!
  10. Excuse the British sarcasm, but that's about as helpful a comment as the search button was to me... Would be my normal first response though on a forum, so can't blame you! :classic:
  11. Hi guys, Our new Z has arrived, and so we will shortly be on the hunt for parts. We are going to need the following: 71 Fuse panel cover/ashtray All interior panels (although we think we can refurbish the door cards, so mainly quarter panels, boot panels etc. Centre console and dash are going to be attampted to be repaired before we look to buy replacements - dash is too expensive!) Replacement vinyl (transmission tunnel, suspension struts etc) Car seat vinyl replacement (would want to keep original 71 with vents look) Front/Rear bumpers (supposedly best place is a Vietnam manufacturer which makes them in stainless steel?) Full rubbers (weatherstrip kits - I see on here there's a lot against the Black Dragon Auto full kits as they are too fat so need doors/hatches slamming to shut, but then I'm weary of using a Kia Seconda for all my replacements!) Gear stick & handbrake boots Full bushing suspension kit (car stored for 23 years so looking to replace all rubber items!) Brake lines (usual Goodridge I guess?) Engine hoses (anthing rubber in the engine bay really!) Heater knobs (knobs on the end of the heater controls) Air vents in dash (left & right) including cables as ours are missing the knobs etc Clutch (guessing original as original L24 engine + 4 speed box) I think that covers the most of it.. Have got original steering wheels, Euro Spec lights etc to put on, so may have some other bits I can sell/trade etc! Any thoughts on best places to buy, issues with fitment etc much appreciated! Plus, I guess, if anyone is selling any of the above I'm interested! Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section!
  12. That is such a cool contraption!! How do you use the accelerator though?? So long as it's done quickly, it doesn't matter if you can't see eh!! History implies it is something similar, but no-one can be sure. It is thought when walking down walkways, a knight would require his sword hand to be best placed to defend himself from someone walking the other way. As such, they would walk on the left, keeping their right arm (sword arm) to the middle of the walkway incase of need to defend. Following the increase in horse transport in the 1700s, it was decreed in early 1800 that carriages should drive on the left. This has since stuck and hence we drive on the left, as do many of the UK's old empire countries. Why you drive on the right then, is claimed to come from France where the richer societie's horse carriages used to travel around at high speed everywhere on the left, forcing the peasants to move over to the right to get out of their way. Then, come the French revolution, the aristocracy thought it sensible to hide amongst the peasants so they would be harder to hunt out, and so collectively walked on the right. Again, over time, this then became the norm. As for you guys, that comes from France's ever exapanding empire. It was agreed at some point you would follow French driving rules in return for some assistance in the build up to the war of independance. Something to do with General Lafayette.. You may know more - I never studied American history! No idea where it came from - was bought from somewhere/someone in California and imported to the UK. I have since bought from the first UK owner. The roadster? You mean the little white convertible? I know nothing about that sorry. Another US import I believe though. He had a black one too, with full leather upgrade (rather than factory vinyl) which looked gorgeous!
  13. That is one bonus! Just a bit more difficult to overtake when travelling though!!
  14. Hi all! Just joined up as have bought a 240z Californian Import in the UK. Pick it up this weekend so am very excited! Seems being a US car, that it might prove useful to be in touch with US owners, seeing as it's all back to front (I'm prepared to be flamed for that comment!!) LHD doesn't bother me though, as I tend to spend a lot of time in Europe (who, like the US, drive on the wrong side of the road!! ) so it will prove helpful over there! Anyhow, have some pics here: On the trailer: In the garage: Lots of things I want to do to it, but first it's UK convert (so Euro front & rear lights plus relevant rewire) and then rust proofing, more rust proofing, and just for good measure, some more rust proofing!! Got to love UK roads!! Anyhow, look forward to chatting with you all!
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