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  1. Hallo, ich war lange nicht hier.

    Hast du denn bis jetzt einen Wagen gefunden. Im Moment nehme ich mir viel zu wenig zeit für meinen Datsun. Aber wenn die Kinder was größer sind wird das wieder.

    Grüße Rainer

  2. Thanks for the interesting link I'm going to fight me once by the English
  3. Hello Mike Welcome to the site.
  4. wow ... € 1,160 is expensive! :sick: is about 1 / 8 of a relatively good complete z but I think the supply of spare parts is with you a little better here there is very little
  5. Da grüße ich doch mal glatt den Landsmann ;)

  6. the images they see good Who do I have time I will look at real time images when it is as good as the price is very good I like the little bumpers even better. I did not know that the rear lights are different from you ...
  7. Hey Roy, amazing car color and wheels... very nice!
  8. Thank you Gary! I like the language Z :laugh: With the differences I have not yet considered I noticed that your bumpers are fabulous ... are small in europe it. Hi Roy, I believe you that it is with you too hard a good to find auto. I'm not looking for perfect Z because I will like to restore them but they must be ready to drive with good substance the search goes on Here is a link which is perhaps interesting http://www.autoscout24.eu/Details.aspx?id=vir2wl4cmnju
  9. Hi @ all, will briefly introduce myself sometimes my name is michael I am from Germany Münster In Germany there is no forum for the Z only a Nissan board but very few owners of a Datsun Fairlady so I've logged on here to some interesting to get information to me when I can perhaps help purchase I hope this year I find a Z in Germany there is not much choice ... many are heavily rusted or slaughtered Greetings Rubber duck P.S. sry for my bad english :stupid:
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