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  1. thanks everyone for your advice!!!! im really gonna enjoy fixing up the Z and making it my daily driver soon, probably this summer when i hve more time.....
  2. Ok, I have a 1983 280zx n/a that has been sitting for around 20-something years......oddly enough, after sitting for so long, it started right up with hardly any hesitation. the electronics and everything worked fine. however, it does need new brakes, as the rotors are rusted and the calipers are stuck. also, it is a little rusted (im gonna go ahead and treat it so that it doesn't spread, as this tends to be a huge problem with older Z's), and some of the hoses are worn out. but other than the brakes, hoses, ignition system, oil change, and air filter, what else do u guys think might need to be replaced? i know im missing something here
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