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  1. It's a 280z with EFI. I'll take the cover off the TPS and dry it out and check to be sure it's working. Thanks for the help. I'll post an update as soon as I try it. Also learned my lesson regarding the water - no more water on the engine. Robert
  2. I'm going to try my best to describe this very recent problem I am having with my 78 280z. When I get up to about 2400 rpms, the car suddenly starts losing power. The tach doesn't drop like when you puch in the clutch, more like no response from the accelerator. If I keep the accelerator down it the car still slows / powers down to the point where it wants to stall. The engine light will flash and the car will start to lurch forward a bit. If I downshift and then give it some - it responds fine, until 2400 again. I can ease through the problem by giving slight gas but then the problems happens again around 3400rpm. I know, not a great description of the problem. On a side note, the first time I had the problem was right after spraying degreaser on my engine bay and then hosing it off. I covered the fusible links and was careful with the hose. I have to wonder if I somehow caused this. Thanks - Robert
  3. Thanks for the suggestions - a Harbor Freight just opened, I'll look into a grinder. Sounds like a good tool to have. It is the same car as the one in my signature. The sig picture was taken inside - the Nissan dealership I bought it from had it on their showroom floor. The pics I posted were taken early morning outside with an iphone so some of the difference might be lighting or camera difference. But I took another look under the hood and the blue does look a shade darker. I know the exterior was repainted so I guess either the repaint was lighter or maybe the engine bay was touched up with a darker blue (or both). Color code is 510. Robert
  4. Hi Guys. I'm a new member of the site -so far I have spent a lot of time reading and learning but this is my first post. Also, the proud new owner of a 78 280z. I decided to clean up / detail the engine bay but wanted to get some opinions on some surface rust. It seems to be in just a handful of places, mostly near the radiator and on the bottomside of the hood. My thoughts were to hand sand the rust spots, apply a rust inhibitor and touch up the paint. Based on the pictures I have attached, does this seem reasonable? None of the rust spots seem to be anything beyond surface rust. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
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