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  1. anyone in the hillsboro area wanna come help me find out whats wrong with the car?
  2. I tryed downloadin it and it said its a bad archive
  3. Im having a problem with my 280z I posted the thread under fuel injection if anyone can help. Thanks Steve
  4. A little info on the car. 1977 280z non AC, 4speed that has been sitting for 10yrs every couple years i would start it up and drive it around the block. The reason it was parked is cause of the pop back and it didnt pass deq. now i live out of deq so now its time to fix the driveabiltly issuses. I drained the fuel tank and put fresh gas in it so i know its not bad gas.
  5. Yeah I was wondering about the AFM. I took the cover off of the AFM and it looks like new. I moved the weight by hand to make it run richer which made the car idled better but it would still pop back if i gave it gas. When I jumped the thermotime I also jumped the temp sensor too. When I jumped the temp it didnt really effect it much. I switched the jump around just the temp or just the thermo and jumped both at the same time. It ran the best by jumping the themo I think it ran halfway decent other then poor idled and black smoke. I know which wire is which and i know for sure its the thermo is the one im jumping.
  6. I looked every where for a vac leak and i found the air bypass was leaking so i caped it off. so i know its not a vac leak that what I thought too.
  7. Hi I'm new to the site so i hope I am posting this in the right spot. I have a 1977 Datsun 280z that pops back thru the intake when you give it gas!!! I replaced all the injectors and gave it fresh tune up, but still runs like crap the fuel presure is 20-39 psi. I jumped the thermotime switch and it stopped popping thru the intake but makes it run to rich- black smoke DOES Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Steven
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